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  • asc_henry asc_henry Dec 13, 2011 8:13 AM Flag

    Payroll Tax Bill Has Keystone XL Pipeline Deadline In It

    Obama needs the environmentalist vote badly! He has not publicly threatened a veto option to legistration, specificly tax relief extensions, but rest assured he will use that veto power to kill the xl pipeline.

    Canada has indicated that it will consider a oilsands pipeline to its west coast and sell to the Chinese if the XL is not approved soon.

    Thats not an idol threat......processing of the oil sands has already put Canada in violation of the Kyoto (sp) accords indicating its commitment to sell the vast amounts of low grade oil available.

    A most interesting situation has evolved here and in my opinion it all points to assuring the current US administration is a one term administration and that is all I can hope for.


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    • Nothing would keep west coast oil sand pipeline crude to be shipped to the U S A

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      • On the surface US purchases as you state make sense. However, additional transportation costs to refiners would be congruant with "Brent crude" and maintain that supply side cost delta to WTI with the "sands crude" being inferior quality. Again feeding the radical environmentalists .....I have to add that I am somewhat of a beleiver of our environmental stewardship responsabilities. At any rate thats another debate.

    • The biggest problem is that the people (majority) who support Obama are not savvy to current economic conditions, such as the pipe line. They have no clue.

      Since the majority of Obama supporters are more "socialist" in their views, i.e., welcome government handouts, taking care of the population that is not rich and controls the economy and jobs vs. informed people who are capitalists, want to be in control of their own lives and futures and are sucessful in busines and life.

      In this day and age where at least 17 - 20% of the working eledgible are on some sort of subsidy from the governement, why would THEY want change??? They do NOTHING and get paid by the governement.

      I would certainly WELCOME a change, however IMHO, the republicans once again do not have a REAL contender and we may be stuck with Obama for 4 more due to the mentality of the "middle class." Unfortunately, there are many, many people out there that think Obama and his administration has done an OUTSTANDING job and needs to be re-elected.

      The country is in a very pathetic place and it will be a while before things get worked out. After all, who in their right mind would seek out being president of the US??? It is a lose/lose job...


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