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  • doogle60 doogle60 Feb 7, 2012 11:35 AM Flag

    Since 11:15am

    I am seeing huge blocks of buys of WNR after 11:15am - No hype..Look for yourself if you have the capability.


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    • D.....
      question.... do those blocks ... show up in the T.D Ameritrade Streamer Link???


    • Wanted to share... as I athink I agree with you about ... sometimes some advice from the other members, I though "meant well" leaves me confused sometimes .. but here is .02 WORTH...
      Does any remember the big "black .. Monday or Friday... back in 87?? I had on the Thursday or Friday... met with a FULL SERVICE BROKER... as just as FLUKE I wanted to buy some s/ p PUTS...... Well he says Dave, you can't buy PUTS..... THIS MARKET is going to the moon" then, called me just about on the hour as the market tanked .... I recall one comment he made.... WEE WOULD OF BEEN on the news.. cause I have figured it out... you WOULD OF MADE something like a MILLION !!!!!!! as my reply... was hey thats cool.... what do you mean WE???? and oh btw ...... how about getting SOME transfer forms together..... I am considering moving the account..
      Live and Learn...

    • I do listen to some posters on message boards that Im familiar with to help draw a conclusion. Worst advise I ever got was from stockbrokers.

    • Thanks vey much. I appreciate that!!!


    • This might come as a shock to you, but
      There are people who participate on
      Message boards that have 1 share and
      Millions of shares. But in all honesty
      You have the perfect right to believe
      Whatever you like. The message board
      Is just one source used to gather some
      Information. And from time to time there
      Are actually good opinions and ideas
      Shared . JMHO. D

    • What is your definition of big blocks?

      I have time & sales and set a 10K filter (10K = 1 block).

      Before 1 EST only 1 trade went through at 16,403 shares at 9:30 EST splitting the bid/ask. Next 13:04 EST was 10,800 at 18.70 (sell b/a 18.70/18.71). There were no "big block trades" until 14:14 when 75K shares went off (buy) at 15:25 5 more bts went and the big one of the day was a buy 15:28 198,550 shrs.

      8 bts all day.

      nice volume though.

      TSO - what a day on very heavy volume, twice normal...


    • Hi Doogles, here is what I know.

      Long term debt is $1,062,000,000. Retired Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes of $261,000,000. Remaining debt is roughly $800,000,000. Cash position should be little changed due to income and Yorktown sale.

      " Our capital structure at September 30, 2011 and 2010 was as follows:

      September 30, September 30,
      2011 2010
      (In thousands)
      Debt, including current maturities:
      11.25% Senior Secured Notes, due 2017, net of unamortized discount of $22,699 and $25,220, respectively $ 302,331 $ 299,780
      Floating Rate Senior Secured Notes, due 2014, net of unamortized discount of $13,811 and $17,825, respectively, with an interest rate of 10.75% at September 30, 2011 and 2010 261,189 257,175
      5.75% Senior Convertible Notes, due 2014, net of conversion feature of $37,931 and $48,854, respectively 177,519 166,596
      Term Loan, due 2017, net of unamortized discount of $3,018 in 2011, with average interest rates of 8.56% and 10.75% for the nine months ended September 30, 2011 and 2010, respectively 320,357 345,057
      5.50% promissory note, due 2015 966 —

      Revolving Credit Agreement with an average interest rate of 5.73% and 6.14% for the nine months ended September 30, 2011 and 2010, respectively — 25,000

      Long-term debt 1,062,362 1,093,608"

    • Im predicting HFC is buying WNR...

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      • Never happen. SEC issues with El Paso, Gallup and Artesia. Would be too much legal to overcome.
        TSO, big maybe. WNR has too much drama. Management quality is fair at best. These were the guys that saw big $$$ in Giant. After all that money they have a 20K firebomb in Gallup and AZ distribution.
        They had to give away a jewel, the NM 16 inch to get rid of Yorktown. If management knew what they had with the PL it could have been minting money. Instead they had to give it to PAA. All they have left is the line through a HQA that has to be monotored and maintained just to keep the operating permit.
        The only decent asset WRN has left is the EP facility. Think that is worth $40 a share?

      • Hi mini-me. Are you having fun with the stalkerboy Henry over on the HFC board :) HAHAHA

        Henry is so confused right now he has no idea of which direction is up. He's chasing shadows in a circle. Fun stuff to watch :) HAHAHA


      • Well, anything is possible....HFC is a solid fit and a solid company.. TSO might also be a decent fit- and VLO also has a lot of cash on the sidelines....

        Just out of curiosity- do you have any specific reason for your prediction or is it instinct, gut feeling?


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