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  • redleaf9298 redleaf9298 Feb 10, 2014 1:12 PM Flag

    I found Waldo....Where's Henry?

    thought I saw him panhandling on I-35, but that was his stunt double

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    • Currently, Henry only posts when PPS is on the rise. And, since his last prediction was that it would hold over $43, I don't think you should expect to hear from him in the near future. It might even be worth a dip into the twenties to rid ourselves of his curse once and for all. Everytime he predicts ever rising PPS it tumbles badly. He was telling us he was still a buyer near the top, so maybe your right in spotting him on the side of the road with his hand out. He has already told us he visits the local soup kitchen to try to pickup chicks on Thanksgiving.
      WNR PPS is really kicking around here with over $1 moves/day. Wish I knew the key to daily investing in this company. Right now I'm just monitoring and hoping to find a lower bottom. The general trend has been down since shortly after the NTI deal and div. and buyback announcements. Again, Q1 results will be disappointing.

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      • lol, i almost went bottom fishing in DK today, but missed my price by 3 cents.only wanted to trade in and out same day, so i missed a 50 cent swing, but wasnt going to chase it.
        only refiner exposure is my alj short. pps is below all the ma's and chart says to me it could go to the 10's soon. been shorting tasr, nm, and kkd back and forth too and doing okay for now.

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