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  • fraudhasnofriends fraudhasnofriends Jun 10, 2010 3:18 PM Flag

    Just Talked to a Branch Manager

    The branch manager I just talked to said questions about the stock price and corporate affairs had to be directed to public relations and senior management. Expected that. When I said some on the internet are suggesting the price fall suggests it going out this weekend he was truly shocked and said.

    "Its the first time I've heard anything like that!"

    I sensed no hidden disguise in his voice regarding my questions about any imminent changes. I asked if business is normal and routine and he said "Yes."

    FWIW.. draw your own conclusions. I think he really hasn't seen or heard anything and is just doing his job. The stock price is reflecting other interests, funds, or selling by someone.. could even be the bank for all I know, selling shares to meet ratios.

    I'm buying some, taking some risk into the weekend and see what this is all about. They own a good business hope there's a good explanation at the end of the trail.

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