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    But I hope even that bureaucratically encumbered and backward-looking regime will change. Japan, for instance has just modernized their regulatory structu re and given us a model that we should emulate.
    It might be helpful to think of the race to defeat aging as something of a horse race. While Mike West and BioTime may be the lead horse today (and in our opinion they are), we are barely out of the starting gate.The drive for regeneration is just one of a hundred different life-impacting transformations that we are going to see over the next twenty years. There are a hundred different racecourses with thousands of horses all being jockeyed to some distant finish line.
    We are involved not just in an industrial revolution but in a total Human Transformation Revolution. If we limit our focus to the problems created by government and central banks, we may be distracted from the truely epochal events happening all around us today that are going to give us amazing opportunities for investment growth and the creation of wealth. There is more to life than simply watching the Federal Reserve.
    We have to be keenly aware of our surroundings as we explore this exciting new world, avoiding dangers and pitfalls as they present themselves, but keeping our eye on the destination.
    I’m running long in this letter today, and so I'll close, but the Human Transformation Revolution will be a theme we'll return to from time to time this year.
    And if you’ll indulge me for a marketing moment, my regular readers will have noticed that Patrick Cox has come to work with us at Mauldin Economics to write a newsletter called Transformational Technology Alert.

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