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  • mesaone mesaone Apr 23, 1998 1:54 PM Flag

    fedspeak, could you explain this to me

    sorry to sound ignorant, but i'm not a broker or into shortselling, so i do not understand these numbers.

    are these the current n0 of shares being shorted? what does the 9" mean?

    BIOTIME INC","BTIM",2107977,1926152,181825," 9",149565,"","","","","",""

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    • this service does give BTIM a poor rating. However, most investors have more than a 7 day timeline on a stock. Appears a lot of small investors are not going to wait around. trade tickets today numbered close to 250 way up from a normal day. Bias to the downside, and margin calls are going to force alot of folks out who have this in a margin account.

      Remember, the shorts can only short with borrowed shares and those shares are from margin accounts. Yes, there are plenty of folks who bought this long on margin. How long will they hold on.

      So folks at Abbott love this and are buying. Great. Looks like the sale will continue and more price reductions are coming. Ask yourself if this is such a great story, why do the institutions yawn and click, PASS.

    • I dread finding out how my mutual funds did today. It won't be pretty!! I am not the nervous type. I just throw up and get on with it! I have tried to reach you, obviously doing something wrong with my email. It looks like btim will finish not too bad considering they were at 11 on the head a few times that I know of today.

    • is anyone else experiencing a slow posting time today? I sent a message 5 minutes ago and it has not appeared yet. this is just a test.

    • i think that btim is holding it's own. re: cmsi-- i don't buy a word about a possible new connections between the two companies.
      are you getting a little nervous, fedspeak. that maybe btim isn't going to go all the way to zero like you thought? Maybe you might want to buy some now?

    • a_1. Since you are somewhat and somehow involved in this field or something similar, what's your take on the messages going
      back and forth (on both boards) about the connection between btim and cmsi? Is it a viable relationship, is it necessary for
      eithers survival? I have no involvment with cmsi and so far all the "talk" has only clouded the overall view of (at least for btim)
      and prob the other company too as far as investors are concerned. I have started following this cmsi and don't understand what
      advantage it would be for btim as far as getting their main product to market! but again, I am just not that familar with them(except
      for the past history connection).

    • a_1, thanks, I was able to find out what I needed to know about "straddles",(not sure it's for me yet!). I agree with most
      of what you say in this message. One problem I have had with this company is not so much what they have said but what they
      don't say. But p.r. work is a very difficult for a smaller company, particularly when it is just a development stage company.
      Large companies have the resources to have whole depts that work on nothing but p.r.! Hey btim is right around 11 now. If it
      closes below 11 today (or anytime this week) do you see as any type of support broken or do you not look at this(technical) theory

    • I am not what I would call an advanced investor in terms of investment strategies. The only thing I know about straddling is that it is how the renegade currency trader in Singapore who worked for Barrings got nailed.

      Biotime is interesting to me becuase I am in a blood-related business, so it gives me some insight with respect to agreements with corporate partners, valuation, dealings with the FDA, etc.

      I used to point to BTIM and say, "see, we need to be in the press more, like Biotime. We need better PR. People haven't even
      heard of us..." Now I clearly see the downside. I don't know whether it is true or not but people on this board have alluded to
      professional traders hyping the stock, driving up the price, and selling it, screwing the small investor, i.e. the pump and dump. Most
      likely the managers of Biotime did not want this, as in the long term it only hurts the company, for it loses credibility with the
      market as a whole. I do believe, however, that the management was guilty of too many press releases with too little news. From what
      people have said, the management has been candid about how long approval will take, etc., but when people were spouting such
      nonsense that FDA approval was only 90 days away when BTIM hadn't even submitted the NDA, I think BTIM should have been more
      proactive in dispelling these ideas.

    • fedspeak. did you get my message?

    • At least one stock advisory service is recommending this stock to be shorted. Vectorvest ( ranks this as the second worst stock in their system. They have a complicated system where they plug in a variety of variables and out pop the ones they like, and the ones they don't.

      I am not going to judge the rightness or wrongness of this point of view, but believers of this system are likely ordering the shorts.

    • The figures are out.

      2,381,254 short as of 4/15/98 for an increase of 13% over the March 13 report. Ave daily volume stands at 209,507.

      I'm frankly shocked that the position is this large at roughly $12. Could be very beneficial for the longs in the short term. I am expecting some information from the Company at the Annual Meeting is SanFran. Just gut instinct. Which by the way hasn't been right on anything re BTIM over the last 3 months.

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