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  • a__1 a__1 Apr 27, 1998 12:23 PM Flag

    fedspeak, could you explain this to me

    I am not what I would call an advanced investor in terms of investment strategies. The only thing I know about straddling is that it is how the renegade currency trader in Singapore who worked for Barrings got nailed.

    Biotime is interesting to me becuase I am in a blood-related business, so it gives me some insight with respect to agreements with corporate partners, valuation, dealings with the FDA, etc.

    I used to point to BTIM and say, "see, we need to be in the press more, like Biotime. We need better PR. People haven't even
    heard of us..." Now I clearly see the downside. I don't know whether it is true or not but people on this board have alluded to
    professional traders hyping the stock, driving up the price, and selling it, screwing the small investor, i.e. the pump and dump. Most
    likely the managers of Biotime did not want this, as in the long term it only hurts the company, for it loses credibility with the
    market as a whole. I do believe, however, that the management was guilty of too many press releases with too little news. From what
    people have said, the management has been candid about how long approval will take, etc., but when people were spouting such
    nonsense that FDA approval was only 90 days away when BTIM hadn't even submitted the NDA, I think BTIM should have been more
    proactive in dispelling these ideas.

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