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  • WARLOCKBOB WARLOCKBOB May 28, 1998 8:11 PM Flag

    Short intrest

    According to the WSJ short interest is down -3.6 % !! That means the shorters can't all be as dumb as the ones who post here! BURN BABY BURN!!!!!!

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    • We're actually kind to each other compared to some! Check out Iomega sometime, check your guns at the door! I've been meaning to talk to you about that childish behavior of yours!

    • In my previous post, I did NOT mean to insinuate
      that you two have the same views on the success or
      failure of Biotime. I just lump you two together because
      I see common characteristics; both have done your
      "homework", both argue points using logic and rational
      thought,not getting tied up in the emotional non-sense(and
      childish behavior) which some, including myself have in
      the past. It's just my view but I felt it needed to
      be said!

    • one for Pentalyte, discussing how it decreases
      lung injury. The company has not heard back from the
      FDA regarding getting fast tracked or not (for
      Hextend) Deal with Nihon is still pending. BTIM's
      president is going back to Europe at the end of June to
      continue talking to companies over there.. They have filed
      for additional clinical trials in England, Canada and
      Europe. That's it on the news front.

      Asensio's claim that this is going to be a $2.00 stock.
      Asensio does not want to cover now. If he does, then the
      stock will come up in price. . He wants to drive the
      price down to $5.00 and that way it can not be
      margined, and everyone who has the stock in a marginable
      account will have to pay for it, or sell it.. and Asensio
      is counting on their selling the stock and making it
      available to the shorts to cover with. David, if you are
      reading this, and if you are laughing and crying because
      I "don't know what I am talking about" here.. don't
      make an issue of it. Remember, I am not a short
      seller, and am still trying to figure that angle out..
      but it is pretty dull reading if you ask,
      don't jump all over me cause I don't have the short
      strategy right. All I do know is the long strategy and
      belief in the company.

    • You (and a_1) seemed to have a great "knack" for
      cutting thru alot of the b.s on this board(and others). I
      don't know how anyone, longs or shorts, could not have
      at least some appreciation for you guys. I
      especially like how well you keep your "cool" when others
      are acting less than desirable! It is a trait I wish
      I could develop and practice more myself!

    • The article coming out in the June issue of the
      American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine
      was based on studies performed at the university of
      alabama, which was done last fall, and abbott must have
      seen this research and thats why they stepped up to
      the plate and exercised their option to take BTIM's
      next product. Asensio is still short even though he
      can brag of a big score but let him cover, he still
      hasn't gone to the bank and he's working overtime to
      hurt BTIM. Asensio is the lower form of carpet bagger,
      he talks like hes a shareholders rights activist,
      but in reality hes just trying to make a buck, while
      talking outta both sides of his mouth...I hear he's
      buying stock back while speaking in the press how hes
      short, sounds just like jeff V over at magellen who
      taked of his love of MU while selling it... Asensio
      probably doing the same thing suckering all the little
      shorts while making a buck for himself....

    • I talked to Biotime this afternoon, and they told
      me about the upcoming peer-reviewed article. The
      article will be on a rabbit study of Pentalyte®. It's
      coming out next week or so. The journal is something
      like "Respiratory and Critical Care". There haven't
      been any human clinical trials with Pentalyte® yet.

    • would you care to enlighten us about the
      significance of june 15th. the only significant date for btim
      (that i know of) would be june 30th.. when their year
      ends. Is this just some veiled hype? I recall not too
      long ago being called on the carpet about not posting
      unless i had **news***. what are you posting that we
      should know?

    • but i can guess that show is already writing his rebuttal.

    • some of the earlier posts claim that a positive report was coming out on btim does anyone know more about that?????

    • Some ofyou folks who take a know it all posture, clearly do not know a lot. I think June 15 is only 13 days away. Right on.

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