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  • mesaone mesaone Jun 21, 1998 11:29 PM Flag

    web support

    once more into the breech dear

    I want to ask any of the longs here to contribute
    to my site.
    The bear web site master clearly has
    a lot of time on his hands... however, i can not
    maintain the site alone.
    i put the site up for all of
    you (longs) so, please, if you have any interesting
    articles, viewpoints, please email it to me.
    the only
    way this can be a viable site, is if we keep it
    there are some of you who do email me information and
    links.. and i thank you for

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    • Yes it can be used for some applications like
      PTCA. We've tried
      it here. You can infuse it through
      the inner lumen of an angio-
      plasty balloon
      catheter which is can be beneficial when the ballon is
      inflated and basically impeding flow distally. It really
      did not take off here. We favor the use of
      balloons that have sideholes proximal to the balloon and
      reasonable flow through the lumen. Fluosol is
      pretty pricey and
      is not readily reimbursed. When you
      couple it with the intervention supplies it just doesn't
      pencil out as well as the
      perfusion balloon
      technology and we've seen no clear benefit over
      perfusion balloons.


    • Don't know about fluosol in particular, but ALLP
      has at least three perfluorocarbon products. Oxygent
      is a synthetic blood, Liquivent is a liquid
      breathing solution to help damaged lungs, and I think the
      other one is called Imagent and is used as a phase
      contrast agent--I can't remember whether it is for MRI or
      ultrasound or neither, but it is used to enhance some sort
      of imaging.

      I think ALLP had a disagreement
      with their partner J&J about how to proceed with
      clinical trials for phase III for one of their products,
      so ALLP is going it largely on their own (with a big
      hit on their stock price).

      If you are
      interested in hemoglogin-based blood substitutes too, NFLD
      and BAX seem to be the furthest along, though BAX
      halted two of its phase III trials. Of particular
      interest to BTIM, though, is Hemosol which is conducting a
      phase II trial comparing its blood substitute to

    • Is fluosol still being produced? I linked to an
      article on the FDA home page and did a search about
      fluosol and an article in 1994 said that Alpha
      Therapeutics was stopping production. Do you know if that is
      true. The article also said that companies were working
      on two other perfluorochemicals. It mentioned the
      problems that they were having with fluosol and was a very
      interesting article. It would be great to have oxygen
      carrying capabity with Hextend. I remain long on BTIM and
      am considering averaging down at these prices.

    • Mesa saw your web page, nice job, whats your
      email address?

      watching every tick its clear
      that MONTGOMERY has been a big buyer and the shorts
      have been trying to nickel and dime the stock down, so
      anyone who wants to invest 6200 right now in my opinion
      within two years will have in excess of 100,000 but
      afterall I am just a fool, not an uninformed speculator
      and master manipulator like Asensio, hey did I
      mention it before that asensio used to sub lease some
      space from a firm called First Hanover at 100 Wall
      street NYC and one one the brokers (another scum bag) ,
      punched him out?? it was even reported in the heard on
      the street column back in June 1994, then he had one
      employee, today I believe hes up to ....

    • Mesaone,Baltbear, and Show. FYI, you might also
      want to look
      at a stock called Animated Engineering
      (EAII). This one one is
      going well and is tenuously
      close to closing a deal with a major
      company and some more automotive manufacturers. Any
      opinions from the Patriots is welcome. Mike

    • and Mesaone. Have you folks ever looked at
      Abiomed (ABMD).
      We just purchased one of these
      machines after very extensive
      research and site
      visiting. The external model, which is all
      that is
      available today, is a very effective "bridge" to
      transplant. I've seen it work and it is most
      Look it over. It too is a longer term stock with great
      Under news you will see some pretty impressive partners
      for the
      clinical trials. Hey SHOW, what do you
      think of this one? Mike


      good examples of the unexpected in an oversold
      market.. what was that they said about 23% of btim's stock
      already shorted..?

    • Sorry you lost out. Too bad you couldn't have held out till the earnings started rolling in. You could have paid cash for the house!

    • I wasn't shorting. I bought this stock at 17.50
      and had to sell it yesterday at 6.50 because I bought
      a house last weekend and needed the money for a
      downpayment. It's unfortunate because I know the stock has a
      future but I needed to liquidate. I may buy in again
      later, I will be watching the quotes and news. You
      probably thought I was shorting because I pulled mesaone's
      chain a little bit. All in good fun, there's no news on
      BTIM or anything to really discuss until we hear from
      FDA. I liked Steve's reply about Feminism 101.

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