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  • avi29 avi29 Oct 21, 1999 3:47 PM Flag

    Can Someone Answer This Question?

    I hold BTIM and am not quite sure why. My
    question is: Is Hextend on the market yet? Is Abbott
    marketing it? Has BTIM management given any specific
    guidance as to when they expect revenues to be generated,
    or what they expect revenues to be?

    Thank you
    in advance.

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    • Sincere apologies - I misread the preamble (and the date).

      I should have recognized Mr cappy's unique spelling, syntax and authentic boiler-room gibberish.

    • Hey mick, those three posts are from years ago. They aren't my opinions, they are those of the cheerleaders whom have gone silent, just like the mangement team running the show. The only diference is that Paul are still drawing paychecks, for what I ask?

    • I suggest you take a look:

      Your opinions are enchanting dear, but the facts are much more relevant. Sales curve at this point in time is up. No matter how steep the curve, it's still up, and short figures are going down. Until that changes, all your offered expertise really means nothing.


    • mickey, you're slipping. soulcompass is on your side.

    • Doctors in the US have been perfusing patients with crystalloid for about a century or so, and blood derivatives for around 80 years. So far, nobody has been the subject of a lawsuit for this (according to you) nefarious practice.

      The reality is that HES appeared on the US market around 25 years ago, enjoyed a little time in the sun, then faded away as its drawbacks (and ludicrous cost) became clear.

      The genesis of Hextend has been discussed here many times. You seem to have missed the message that the product is at best a misguided rehash of a blind alley product (and that's being kind to BTX). At worst, investors have been conned into funding a lunatic search for everlasting life - this being Dr Segall's REAL research interest.

      Hextend has failed to sell even a tiny fraction of management projections because it offers no benefits over the those 'lawsuit' products.

      BTW, there are no 'FDA studies' - just a small trial program aimed at proving equivalence to the failed HES products which have already been largely abandoned by the market.

      And there is no 'science' either. And ABT must be embarrassed to hell by its miserable showing - but hey, a generic at twice the price never had a chance, did it ?

      ABT may well be 'the leader in the hospital supply solutions area' (although Baxter might argue with that statement), but it has no monopoly on the provision of IV solutions. In any case, your claimed monopoly does not appear to have helped Hextend one bit.

      Finally, hospitals do not 'take whatever ABT gives them' because there are several companies competing in the IV sector.

      Now, tell us about that 'patents and liability' thing again - how does this help BTX ?

    • Subj: AVI and ZV
      By: cappy1111
      Date: 10/22/99 09:58 am

      Avi if you are the holder you say you are you would have should gotten all the info out there and understood that the typical rules of business do not apply in medicine, there are things called patents and liability, if doctors perfused patients with inferior products not only do they break their trust oath and integrity, they open themselves to nice lawsuits, just look at whats happening to the hmo for offering substandard care, but go ahead maake that assumption, if your so worried sell the stock, sorry old boy but the tone and slant that you''ve taken are not the scare actions of a long but rather like those of some short shill, you and ZV should get togather, look how easily he avoided every comment i made last night. Hextend will sell becasue its a superior product, the FDA studies and the science has already proved that Hextend will sell becasue ABT is the leader in the hospital supply solutions area and basically has a monopoly on the products they provide, ABT has long term contracts with over 5% of the country's Hospitals that will take whatever ABT gives them Hextend will sell because ABT is motivated to do so, and if you beleive that Hextend won't sell, then your betting against ABT, I wouldnt do that, thats a stupid bet.

    • forget to change that alias.

      The only
      post on zv's MHU is wt2000.

      Is wt going to be
      helping you push MHU? He's a hell of a guy isn't he? Be
      sure and select zvchris when answering

      Either way, would you please share the names of those
      analysts you refered to in your last post?

    • You havent even had all your penalty points restored yet so a word to the wise should be sufficient.

    • knights on top of the castle in The Holy

      <<Believe what you want, you silly man.

      Shill away!! don't worry you have no credibility with
      any longs here. Bitch and moan to the cows come home
      like ZVCHRIS does. Those of us long in BTX know the


    • International_Investor International_Investor Oct 24, 1999 12:57 AM Flag

      If you are so down on BTX and think the upside is
      limited, I highly suggest you sell the

      Myself, as a long in the stock (such as yourself),
      passionately argue that anyone who wants a stock with an
      absolute guarantee for no downside to NOT invest in BTX.
      You'd be a fool otherwise.

      However -

      you have even some faith regarding your original
      decision to buy BTX, then stick with it. Remember, its
      guys like Warren Buffet and Peter Lynch who made
      themselves and their clients rich by never buying good
      stocks that weren't popular at some point in their
      history for some temporary reason.

      BTX will
      deliver to those who hold long.


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