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  • dontforgetlogin dontforgetlogin Aug 6, 1998 7:02 AM Flag

    Stock Prices

    No, 'Integrity Online' is not affiliated with

    Yes, it's been more than a few days since the
    quarter's announcement, so maybe the earnings didn't make a
    huge impression on most. ITGR's captured 48% of the
    'Praise and Worship' market share as measured by the CBA.
    I believe people should be impressed.

    is an interesting stock but they've been giving
    money to the Promise Keepers, isn't that right? Anyway
    for a stock trading 2/3 the price of ITGR, they have
    1/40 the sales/share as Integrity. And they lost
    $1.81/share last year though it looks like they may be
    starting to turn around. Seems like Integrity is ahead of
    them on the learning curve, fwiw.

    ITGR used to
    be $10+. Their downturn might have been caused by
    two contributions to Word Entertainment, their
    present distributor. They had to downsize their office
    space and employees and they changed their accounting
    formula which resulted in a loss on paper. Seems like
    growing pains though but subscribers to the IPO didn't
    look at it that way I guess. You don't know what the
    company sells until you hear the music but that's the way
    music is, isn't it?


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    • I appreciate your info of company past history.
      I've been getting hammered in AAIR, so I don't know
      when I'll jump in here. So, what your saying is AMEN
      tithes to promise keepers, or did I miss the boat on
      what you were saying? Does ITGR do the same, 10% to
      ministry? I like what I see, but not sure of good entry
      point, although, the price looks right now!! Talk to ya
      later... J.Augs

      • 1 Reply to JohnAugs57
      • It's more of a sponsorship. Didax sponsored the
        'Stand in the Gap' march in DC (costing 40,000 shares).
        I studied their financials because they're locally
        hq'd but the Promise Keepers have fallen upon hard
        times. I like Integrity because they are exclusive
        sponsors to some vibrant organizations and I don't see any
        hefty sponsorship fees.

        Don't get me wrong, AMEN
        may be a turnaround story, but if there's a learning
        curve to this industry, ITGR is in the

        Today the Russell 2000 did very well and it could be
        that Integrity will be back to new highs