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  • gamalpha gamalpha Jan 8, 1999 12:42 PM Remove Flag

    VOLUME IS UP 1000% !!!! , ANY SPECIAL R



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    • Because of Amen...remember last time when Itgr
      shot up to 12...that was the same day that AMEN
      announced Web-SIte......usually when one stock goes up
      others in the same business usually shoot up as
      well...For Example when that apparel group AAGP announced
      their website their stock shot up from 1 to 19..thus
      causing a rise in all apparel groups that deal with the
      internet...that caused leathermaker GIII to go from 2.5 to 11 in
      one day...then STA to go from 1.25 to 6...then they
      all fell out of grace and came back down to
      earth...if ITGR doesn't go down on Monday due to profit
      taking I will eat my shorts. Have a nice day....the
      funny thing is that ITGR's numbers are better than AMEN
      and AMEN is trading much would be nice
      for all ITGR longs to see some news or Management
      decision...hint..hopefully you are reading this post...lets say a pact with
      AOL or EBAY..or AMazon any of the big name
      players...but that would only make sense and sales/revenues
      would go up...why would we ever want to
      with them...were doing fine without them...fine is one
      thing....heavenly is another...have a nice day...

      • 1 Reply to hightimes99
      • but I disagree. KTEL paid a 7 digit figure to do
        business with Playboy (which is more secular?). I hate to
        compare sacred music with Broadway shows but it's true
        that few people enjoy the music to a show until
        they've seen the show. Integrity sponsors national
        conferences reaching a half million people in all and the
        artists signed with the company go on the road for
        rallies and concerts.

        I belong to the Integrity
        music club (we all have a music habit, right?) but I
        envy the experience that folks have at the Integrity
        'roadtrips'. They are the ones with the experience. They're
        going to be talking about the music for a long time,
        sharing it and spreading the word. Advertising the music
        without the experience is like selling Broadway music
        without the show. It can be done but we'd be at a
        disadvantage. Secular music can be advertised on a site where
        one is encouraged 'to get away from Mom and Dad' but
        sacred music can't.

        4thQ is due out in February
        about the second week. Historically, it usually isn't
        as good a quarter as the third. Some soul searching
        questions we ought to be asking are, 'are there still
        people who bought this stock because of the "Christian
        Music Connection" and what will be the reaction if they
        expect a hugh revenue jump because of Christmas?' It's a
        confusing comparison because the 3rdQ looked worse because
        of the product masters writeoffs but it looked
        better than it was because of the sale at cost, of $400k
        of inventory.


    • im shorting this piece of shit at the open. Just
      watch. Its worth 30k just to teach you terds a

      thanks for hyping her and letting me know cause now no
      one will touche her in the morning.

      says i can short to 2.5. see some of you forget this
      about what good trading can get you.