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  • airspy1 airspy1 Jul 16, 1999 10:29 AM Flag


    What I see today is a MM / Daytraders playing
    with this. This is not genuine buying today. We don't
    need daytraders playing with this. Too low of a volume
    stock. It looks like they did suck some people in
    though. Be careful.


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    • so how did this wallstarb help them ?

      sounds strange/risky that a daytrader and insiders would be involved with each other

    • named wallstarb has been pumping itgr-he is an
      excellent trader.says he knows insiders at the co. and
      helped to get them off of the ground ! hopefully
      earnings will be great and we can all make some $.i have
      enjoyed the product line for years but cant afford to
      lose $ if the ship is sinkin !

    • quevic = Bouf

    • I had no trouble buying four figures in the AM on
      Monday, but every other time I bought a flurry of buys
      came in later. Maybe I am guilty of daytrading but
      often is the case that one buy deserves another. Notice
      on Thursday last week that we got a huge lift on
      only 9.2k shares. Why so much from so little? The next
      day, there was a LOT of buying. The point that seems
      obvious to me (since I could have been badly burned) was
      that the price has been down so long, it doesn't take
      a lot to move it and most traders are ready for an
      upside move.

      Gee, I've been on this thread longer
      than anyone (see the first 10 messages). Yes, I was
      bullish in those first few posts when the price was $1
      and I even posted the morning back in Feb 98 when the
      earnings report came out which boosted Integrity 45% for
      the day. Was I guilty of hype? It was LUCK. I didn't
      do it. My other piece of luck was being home sick on
      November 30 - probably the only way to play that

      Imo, the company represents a better value now than
      ever and so it's as relevant now to review
      buyout/takeover prospects that have been on the table in the
      past. Is it likely? Probably more likely than last
      year. The company has diversified considerably in the
      last year....all the while sticking with the 'praise
      and worship' genre. As with any diversification, it
      takes a few quarters to realize the potential profit
      margins. Hang in there. It should be only a couple days
      til 2ndQ earnings.

      The thread gets down on
      good moves but remember, if you weren't trading last
      week, you only have half the story. My four figure
      purchases Monday morning were absorbed easily but a
      fraction of that almost burned me just a few hours later
      as well as on Tuesday and Thursday. Already, this
      rally has held longer than any rally generated by a
      press release. Take my word for or not, but this stock
      does not want to hang around $3.


    • if this is a temporary daytraders induced glitch
      then it'll come right back down when they bail

      imo this company's stock price considerably lags
      comparable companies - stock price is the ultimate measure
      of success or failure and thus far ITGR is a dismal
      failure and management a major disappointment

    • Now that the stock price is closer to 4 than to
      3, is everyone happier. It seems so! I'm seeing no
      messages about how ITGR management is not giving
      stockholders good value, or enough good PR, etc. Is this
      "silence" an indication that everyone is just waiting to
      see what announcements (if any) the management will
      make when earnings are released?

      Of course,
      this assumes that the earnings will be positive. What
      is the consensus on this board? Will the earnings
      announcement be positive?

      Please log your comments on
      what you are thinking.

      Regards to


    • rumor reported in the Wall St. Journal - is that
      the 'chat room' to which you refer? I have already
      posted a link to it.

      Also, Coleman assured us
      that our profit margins would be better in the coming
      quarters (compared to last quarter). Is that not good? And
      yes, the quarterly report came out July 22 last

      It's funny but when ITGR ran in the red a few years
      ago nobody went around telling us not to sell. Pity.

    • anyone else who makes my stocks rise. I'm not a
      day trader, but it may be something that I'll try. I
      bought ITGR at 3 1/8 on 8/18/98 and held it until
      12/1/98. About that time the stock suddently jumped to 12
      (I believe). I saw it on the way down (at about 7)
      and sold at 5 3/16 for 64 % gain in 3+ months. I
      don't know why this stock rose, but if it was day
      trading, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

      I'm in again since
      3/16/99 at 3 1/2 with a goal of 5. This time, I placed a
      sell order at 8 just in case history repeats.

    • at least one poster is touting a buyout of ITGR
      by Gaylord (GET), and assuming earnings will be out
      July 22nd and will be good. Please note that is NOT me
      talking, that is one of the posts I read on the board
      characterized as a daytraders board in one of the posts

      Day traders do pump up the volume and make trading
      more liquid, but without good earnings news or
      something else to move the stock, that kind of activity can
      leave a stock with a bit of hangover.

      Of course,
      if you are a long term investor, that sort of pump
      and dump is just background noise. Buffet said
      something like, in the short term, the stock market is a
      vote counting machine, long term, it weighs profits
      and growth. Shares of stock represents and investment
      in a percentage (equivalent to the percentage of the
      company represented by the shares of stock) of all of a
      companies future earnings. Nothing more, nothing less. ITGR
      will go up over the longer term if it has consistent
      growth and profitability, or it will be the first stock
      in history that has not.

      Eh, a pretty
      disjointed post. I'm done.

    • but a new phenomina. What gives? A couple weeks ago the spread was wide and slow and I believe that's more like ITGR's status quo. [Latin: silly hat]

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