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  • dontforgetlogin dontforgetlogin Aug 16, 1999 9:07 PM Flag

    Integrity's WoW Worship album

    In the Integrity 2ndQ earnings announcement on
    July 27th, it was stated: "A leading product in the
    retail segment is WOW, a double CD, that accounted for
    $1.0 million in sales in the second quarter." Since
    the CD was released June 15, the $1M in revenue came
    in the first 2 weeks of release. Since sales have
    been approximately as strong in the six weeks of this
    quarter, perhaps $3M in revenue has been generated, or $4M

    In their announcement released July 29,
    ITGR stated, "In its first year in the market, WoW
    Worship is expected to generate sales of more than $2.5
    million for Integrity. The three partners will split the
    album's net profits equally." It looks like we've
    surpassed that already.

    What the preceeding
    paragraph leaves out is that gross margins become net
    margins when the orders start to stream in. Splitting the
    profits three ways is easy when you're earning $.51 for
    every dollar (read 17% of $4M for ITGR in 8 weeks, no

    Now investors are bound to be skeptical, but how
    often has a 'Praise and Worship' album made it to the
    Billboard 100 for a week? Plans are in the works for
    another already.


    Btw, I've got two more
    brand new Integrity items (1 tape and 1 CD) on eBay for
    ridiculously low prices. I'm hoping each ad/auction may lead
    20 Christian music purchasers to the Integrity
    website to sample the soundbites. Search

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    • are you getting them below cost or what ?

      • 2 Replies to wattsamatta_u
      • They're being auctioned on eBay.
        (seller=woolyhammock) If one has a library of Integrity products and is
        not listening to them, it's not selling the company;
        it just isn't worth anything (at the time). We have
        to keep our inventory moving, too. (If you don't own
        any ITGR products, why own a company you don't
        understand? A song is worth 10,000 words.) I work in a music
        library: It isn't hard to pass CDs out at work but people
        are already familiar with Integrity there.

        realize selling new products is a little different from
        just moving inventory but first realize this: A
        purchaser of an item in shrinkwrap pays a premium and that
        premium makes him/her feel like a shareholder. In most
        cases a company that sells gospel music also sells
        gangsta rap too. Consumers have lost their rights with
        some of these big recording companies: They want to
        buy the company but they DON'T want to buy the
        company. Auctions are perfect for reassuring the potential
        bidder that ITGR IS the 'Praise & Worship' industry and
        directing them to more information on owning the products
        OR the company.

        Many of you may feel that
        Integrity has lost its shrinkwrap. I don't know for sure
        but I don't think so. I think it's trying hard to
        please its shareholders. I think the crux is that there
        are huge problems with advertising. The legal
        community had similar problems allowing any law firm to
        promote itself on TV or radio. It was illegal. Along came
        'LA Law' and all that seemed to change. Maybe what we
        need is a nice church sitcom. :-) Seriously, if you
        use ITGR's online store, you'll notice there's more
        feedback all the time on CDs and tapes offered. It's
        getting to be more useful. As the exposure online becomes
        more effective, real advertising is not too far