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  • pendlorian pendlorian Feb 16, 2011 3:39 PM Flag

    How many scored some under 7?

    Just have to enjoy the negative sentiment that visits every so often and knocks on the door of opportunity.

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    • thin trade has it dropping consistently daily of late expectations, but I'm holding for further input as to Screenvision deal...havn't said a boo about even receiving that fat check...thought they would have a release on that in january....

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      • It's trading down on higher volume. There is valuation, but forward earnings potential is the question. Where is the catalyst to move the needle? There is the obvious play with #8 in July, but to a trader that is an eternity. There is reward for those that build from late May and average along through June, happens every time a blockbuster comes along, but I prefer nice steady moves with an underlying foundation and direction. SD is a good one as all is in place and it was so oversold. Not sure about ckec after July or the future of this sector. Headwinds are forming from the power of netflix, cable, the talk of quicker releases to these entities etc. Maybe a merger would be on the table in time. jmho. I have a few targets ready to go when the regime in Tripoli exits, and the market surges. Timing is key, the harvest is ripe on certain picks for sure. Good luck J. and Dan.

    • I really think it dropped only becuase GS cleaned up their portfolio and got rid of a bunch of stuff. I assume the late 900K shares was them. They got rid of a bunch of stuff all at once. I may be wrong, but that is my guess, which is why it has been creaping back up. It dropped for no real reason. Go longs.....

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