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  • crm_discriminator crm_discriminator Apr 26, 2006 10:15 AM Flag

    CRM Model Portfolio� +60% YTD.

    ticker shares 2005 closing initial value current quote current value gain/loss
    CCJ 1262.03 31.695 40000.00 41.62 52525.63 31.31% split adjusted
    MGN 2849.00 7.02 20000.00 9.60 27350.43 36.75%
    SSRI 651.89 15.34 10000.00 21.23 13839.63 38.40%
    WTZ 888.10 11.26 10000.00 27.28 24227.35 142.27%
    SLW 1724.14 5.80 10000.00 10.81 18637.93 86.38%
    SHSH 34482.76 0.15 5000.00 0.370 12758.62 155.17%
    SRLM 1597.44 3.13 5000.00 7.15 11421.73 128.43%
    Total 100000.00 160761.33 60.76%

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    • Congrats .. Well Done ..

      It's about like this XOM chart with the exception of adding another year on.

      Did you know that 90% of US Congress are well vested in XOM?

      Do you think that's Good or Fair or Bad? And for Who?

      • 3 Replies to gbonds_007
      • Thanks, Gbonds.

        I don't think there are very many honest people in Congress. Ron Paul is one exception to the rule; check him out.

        You man Corzine may well be the most corrupt member of Congress. And that's saying something.

        I like Valero. I think the spread on light versus sour will improve and that Valero will outperform other refiners.

      • When the government permits the construction
        of Tesla free energy they can go sell apples
        from their orchards if they invest wisely
        in the future.

        The future is apple orchards.

        I told it so today, just wait till 2525.

      • What's wrong with investing in oil, gbonds? Are you trying to say that Congress should not be allowed to invest in public stocks?

        If you don't like somebody because they are invested in Exxon, don't vote for them.

        You are just a whining little baby about everything. You are bitter you lost your azz on G* and Loral. Hell, you were stupid enough to buy more gstrf stock well after BK at 19 cents, only to watch it go down to nothing AGAIN. We told you that gstrf had nothing to do with the new G*, but you just don't listen do you.

        Pathetic is being nice to you. Your brain clearly does not run at full capacity, nor even half capacity. i suggest shock therapy in hopes it will revive the non-working parts in your head. LOL.

        the king

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