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  • crm_discriminator crm_discriminator Apr 9, 2007 6:04 PM Flag

    GSTRF sat loss solved

    No problem -- the insurance paid off.

    But who got the insurance proceeds? GTL or the Weazel?

    Ask Jeff, he can explain it away!

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      So 911 is solved the same way, insurance.

      LORAL dropped their patent on their fuelless attitude
      or orbit mod plasma thruster patent. I always thought
      the larger version might have been used in the Belgian
      Triangle as it crossed the border from Germany looking
      for the one stuck in the woods.

      No need for his expert advice, I thought he worked for LORAL
      and put them together. I was not cognizant of much of the
      banter that went on, not believing much of whats on
      message boards.

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