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  • daicheng0722 daicheng0722 Aug 23, 2011 7:32 PM Flag

    September 19 is the earnings date?

    The real issue is whether the numbers are believable.
    VAVL looks so undervalued but the management is not buying back. There are only two possibilities: 1. the numbers are not true; 2. the management does not care. Either way makes VALV looks bad.

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    • valv has proven to be a real company, do ur research, they r legit, anyone who thinks they arent now is an idiot, which the majority is.

      or #3, they rather use the money for exponential growth, than a stupid buy-back.

    • tired of this bs on chinese companies : Management does NOT have to buy back when price of the company if low !!!.... you use cash to develop your business, as your business develops stocks go up and if you need more cash you can take a loan, get a private equity partners, issue more stocks and so on.

      Valv is cheap now and totally undervalued ? buy shares, hold to them and if you can't wait for a few months or a year or forever (like W. Buffet says : the best holding period is forever), just do something else.

      The fact management doesn't buy back shares also shows they trust their business future. If they were to buy shres when it is low and issue more shares when the price is correct then it would be a pump and dump issue ?

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