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  • daicheng0722 daicheng0722 Aug 23, 2011 5:47 PM Flag

    1 flaw

    Everything looks good on VALV except one: no insider buying nor buyback program. Just wonder if we can e-mail michael Mark about this. If this company is making so much money, why should they leave the pps like this without doing anything?

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    • To the top.
      Where are the pumper?

    • y would i sell when the pps will go to 4 when they disclose record profits in the coming earnings report?

    • Hey Chatter,
      did you and daicheng sell your shares? Today VALV closed with a 15 pennies increase; that's 10 cent more than a nickel.

      Did you guys flip your shares?

    • Hello....anybody home?

    • Chatter,
      yes, it does. That poster just whines incessantanly. As if, the investment world must revolve around him. The me, me, me, generation.

      Can't think of solutions that might benefits others, except it must satisfy his only urge to flip shares immediately for a nickel profit....

      Thanks for the chattering therapy! :)

    • good4u, do u feel better about urself now?

    • LOL! There goes your simplistic mind at work. Of course, I have a choice, you simpleton.

      1. I can Sell for a loss at these prices.

      2. I can Sell for a slight gain.

      3. I can Hold when VALV becomes a 4 bagger.

      My choice is to be patient and hold for a 4 bagger, so I can laugh at you selling out next week for a nickel profit.

      Bye! Good to get rid of whiners and cry babies on the board.

      Buy Low now, Sell High later! Warren Buffet does it all the time. Check out BAC; I backed up my truck recently and loaded up on BAC, BK, LUV, DAL, and CSCO!

    • they should reward us with a large dividend.

    • I agree that management got to do something about the share price. For a public company, the ultimate goal is to maximize shareholder value, not to just grow the business for the sake of growing business. If the expansion of a company is not supported by a share price appreciation, then just don't do it. Don't blame me short-sighted, as I can't see anything 5-yards away in today's muddy market.

      In a normal organization structure, the board is elected by shareholders as an agent to monitor the management. If management's interest is not to maximize the shareholder value, they will get fired by the board. If the board is not willing to do that, then the board will be replaced.

      As people mentioned here, insiders in this company account for 60% of the shares, so the insiders effectively control the board. It's a big corporate governance nightmare as the board loses its independence and therefore its interest is aligned with the management instead of the minority shareholders like you guys. If the board and the management don't give a damn to your concerns, then shares will be dumped and the price will go down, as the minority shareholders are selling, but the insiders are not buying.

      Another huge profitable quarter will not help the stock price, as the last one was huge but we know it wasn't helping seeing where the stock is standing now. To get the stock going, buyback is the KEY.

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      • If a buy back is the key, the lock is not going to be opened.

        The shares are held outside China. If the company's money is all inside China, currency restrictions will prevent the money leaving China.

        So quit moaning about the company needs to do a buy back or pay a dividend. Prove the company has funds outside the country before you start blaming management not buying stock back.

        As for share price, that is where investors take the risk and gain the reward. If you paid too much, i.e. bought into those outrageous run ups, that is your problem.

        Shareprice is likely to continue drifting lower. There is no money going into this sector and none is likely to move there for some months or even years to come. (Have you noticed SNOFF?) The result will be a pe in the 1.0 to 3.0 range for a long, long time.

        Live with it or move on.

      • That's why I am not willing to buy more, but considering dumping it when I have a chance. The management simply don't care or they are fraud.
        Just wonder if we can e-mail that guy michael marks to put some pressure on the management.

      • You have to think a little differently when investing in Chineese companies. The U.S owes China Triilions in debt.What would keep us from just walking away from this debt? Besides war of course.Having our citizens owning, thru investing in Chineese companies.They in turn will make certain that we will have the opportunity to make money on our investments to keep us invested. In this manner we are necessary partners with each other. Think of it as a clash of communisum and Capitalist. Where one doesn't want to give up control to the people and the other has thrived because that it has. So, it is a forced compromise. Because they don't want to give up control they own most of the company. Because they own most of the company the float is low and the price can rise and fall quickly.You just need to decide if you are willing to deal with the circumstances.


    • this is why the float is so low for valv.

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