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  • centurycom centurycom Feb 12, 2012 12:53 PM Flag

    A $6 stock the day the CTO

    They have a sales team, but no PR. Shouldn't have one without the other. Lot easier to generate sales leeds when you have a good PR dept. I understand that in this type of product people in the know will spread info. by word of mouth. But the more people spreading the info. initially the easier it is to ramp up sales. Doesn't seem to be enough trade show action or advertising. This could all change once they get their certifications. That is very important to VALV success and should be their primary concern. They should also provide investors with progress reports. I have writen many emails in that regard and get no responses of significance. Very unprofessional. Virtually no PR at all at least not for investors. I hope they treat their customers much better. I don't care if you've got the answer to all the world energy problems. If you don't get the word out, and no one knows, then no one cares. Promote your products and your existence.

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