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  • raggdawg53 raggdawg53 Mar 25, 2011 10:25 AM Flag

    MX engines

    Can anyone shed some light on the rumor concerning the MX engine having multiple failures in the field ? Another possible issue concerning the MX is connecting rod failures on the dyno . ???? Anyone care to comment ?

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    • mrmosebt1 Apr 15, 2011 12:40 PM Flag

      class, "i have no clue" has been my mantle. because i don't! since there is no history there is no history! hoss you might want to re-read your posts before you start drawing down on somebody. your "growing pains" will be your hill to climb. as for cummins and the isx, it was the best of the rest. acert failed(from cat). the questions and complaints come from someone else. not me. "i don't care". the mx will live or die by it's own hand. what you or anybody else claims "is going to happen" is NOT going to fly. "performance not promises" will tell the tale on the mx. good luck. and get your act together.

    • Mose,

      Re: the MX engine, you have no freakin' clue. As an insider, this engine has been field tested here in the US several years prior to formal launch with select customers who put it through its paces and worked it very hard and provided feedback on areas that needed improvement. Yes, we have some "growing pains", but they will be taken care of. Cummins had their share of issues when they launched the Signature/ISX engine. As far as emissions go, EPA10 is more stringent than the current Euro emissions requirements.

    • centraltire Apr 5, 2011 9:37 AM Flag

      why doth the heathen rage ?

    • Just to shed some light on this subject the majority of the people at Columbus trained at DAF for over 3 years in 6 month stents to learn how to build these engines and that does not include the ones that transfered in. I have been to the plant as well and they have alot of capable people who know how too build engines and take alot of pride in what thay are doing.

    • mrmosebt1 Apr 4, 2011 6:50 PM Flag

      comparing a volvo or a mack to a pete or a k.w. is like comparing a mule to a racehorse. i know i have been out of the factory since june of 08 but the mngt. folks surely haven't let the product quality slip enough to even rate a comparison with those two competitors have they? for the stockholders sake i hope not. there was no comparison i could see at the m.a.t.s. but you're exactly right about the importance of what is under the hood. "that" is a major component that levels the playing field. the mx will either fish or cut bait. we'll see.

    • I can understand your point on the "new" people, but things gotta start somewhere. I'm sure there will be more bugs to work out, but we still have a much superior product than the MAN or MB engines. DD has a good product, but it's in an inferior chassis (FL). I still believe we have the best products in the market and have the best value over FL, IH or Volvo/Mack. I see it every day in trade values. I also like the fact that we can offer a big block with the Cummins or a mid block with the MX. This is my 26th year in the industry and I can say that in my experience, we're poised for another good run.

    • mrmosebt1 Apr 4, 2011 4:26 PM Flag

      kam, point being the ms. folks are all new as well as pcar being all new to the engine building industry. if you think they're good today give them 5 years. at this point they don't know what they don't know because "they're new." not bad, new. kinda like a driver isn't as good as he "will be". sell'um whatever they want! my remarks were taken from comments made at the m.a.t.s. i.m.h.o. if somebody compared their pete or k.w. to an import ANYTHING that would likely bring on diplomacy since pcar is the ONLY american owned and operated class 8 producer on earth! during my tenure of 38 years plus we never considered anything from anywhere from across the pond to be a threat to us. the comp comes from the american producers working undera euro logo. those folks are building a fine product as are the canadiens. i wouldn't offer a remark about a product from mexico , considering the safety standards, or lack of from that country. i hope their products never get a foothold in this country. anyone who values their life will buy american built. think lexus, toyota, kia, etc. (they won't stop or go on command). they rarned their stripes, then lied about the problem and fought the release of the findings. THAT reminds me of something i saw while on the clock from my recent employer. "not a good thing."

    • I've heard that as well from some FL users out east. They (Detroit) had some problems as well since 08, but have seemed to figure it out. Much better choice than the MB engine if you were to buy FL's.

    • I've been to the Columbus plant and I would have to disagree with you on the caliber of people there. They're top notch. That being said, if my customers want a Cummins, I'll sell them a Cummins. Like I said before they are performing fine. My customers have requested the MX and for the most part are very happy with the engine. Bottom line, I'm just glad the market has finally turned and is gaining some serious ground. Last few years have been kinda slim.
      Not sure how to respond on the "hiding" comment. Not sure where you are comning from with that one.

    • mrmosebt1 Apr 4, 2011 12:03 PM Flag

      kam, your "advice for mose" falls on deaf ears. i ain't selling, i ain't buying, and i don't care. point is this: there is no history on mx engines in this country. period. i didn't mean to upset you or devalue your point or position. regardless, if i were spec'ing a truck i would go with the isx cummins. "one man's opinion". i spoke dailey with the cummins guy for the last decade i was on board . the technology cummins brings to the table is developed here. granted the smog rules are more stringent in europe but as i understand it that is not the issue. allegedly it's durability. and the "fact" is the mx euro engine is unproven in the u.s.a./north american continent. we're pretty sure the cummins will live if the tech is right on the e.p.a. which is set by a software adjustment by the cummins folks. and i wouldn't trust pigott any further than i can throw a piano. he has too many lawyers on call to handle his lawsuits. (there's a reason for that). and finally, there is NOBODY in columbus mississippi who knows the balance wheel on the front of the unit from the flywheel on the rear of the engine. the acert plan didn't work out for cat. the mx is simply unknown! it "may be" great! it "may be" awful. so do you gamble your money on an mx or a proven commodity? good luck with your sales and stocks. kam there is no reason to create a new s/n to write to me. just use your old s/n. why are you hiding? what will the resale be on a pete with a mx engine be vs. a cummins in 5 years providing the mx is a bomb? it's a crapshoot.please don't compare an american product to a korean or a won't-stop japanese vehicle. even pcar deserves better than that!

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