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  • mrmosebt1 Dec 4, 2012 8:26 PM Flag

    rick i know the feeling:) cept mine was u.a.w.

    rick, please accept my congrats for whatever money you're talking about. as stated often times before it's the best the ratshop can do. it ain't what the co. was used to but they're doin the best they can. i hadn't thought about it till you brought it up but since i retired 5 yrs ago i have taken in 102k via my u.a.w. pension. (it's about money, lol). i hope you and the other folks can be satisfied with your lesser than past monies but uncle mark will still be happy. b.t.w., i got my most recent installment sat. i hate it you had to wait! have a great xmas out there in rain city. b.t.w. i saw a new "cat" product yesterday on i-65. it was uglier than a mud fence. surely that thing won't eat your market share!

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    • I heard on the radio that Michigan is going to vote on becoming a "right to work" state. How could this be happening in the UAW's back yard? The people of Michigan have figured out their union labor force is not competitive and the state has become an economic basket case.

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      • mrmosebt1 Dec 9, 2012 11:56 PM Flag

        slave, you touch on a very well lit topic. tomorrow the unionized folks in mi. will go to lansing and copy-cat the wisconsin folks. the repugnant michigan governor will sign the law into law on tues. that the governor had previously declared "too disconcerting". beyond that you will likely see a recall election in mi. recalling the governor. at that point you may see gennifer graham (i think that is her name, former governor) run against the Guy who has the same work pedigree as bush, pigott, rick, "you", and all the rest of you republicans who either won't work or can't hold a job. (i think your history is self defining.) if ms. graham is re elected the scab law will likely be overturned. f.y.i., and for everyone who needs reminding, the u.a.w. delivered the whitehouse to obama these past 2 elections by taking mi. and oh. as for the state "becoming a basket case financially" either you or the governor is either wrong or a liar. mi. has the highest hiring rate around as opposed to the bush years. the current governor raves about mi. and the job recreation there. detroit is once again the world's leader in auto quality and sales. your timing is both frivolous and truly ignorant. this "timing thing" likely exposes why you never could hold a job. dumb we can teach. stupid is something beyond repair. slave, if you have a job you best #$%$. before you lose it as you have lost every job prior to the one you temporarily occupy. i'm glad the folks like me in mi. will be protected by the grandfather law which will keep safe for 2 years the health care you don't want them to have. your party is d.o.a. if somebody besides sarah palin, eddie munster, the bush clan, etc. comes up with a candidate besides a job busting, car roof dog hauler who owns a dancing horse. people with no thought process see nothing wrong with being stupid. but since 1988 there has been no republican ELECTED to the white house. the most of us care. also, the reason you have no pension is you haven't held a job long enough to attain one. hit it tomorrow and don't be late. i think i'll sleep in. i have earned that right as well as my pension. hit it scab.

    • Hi Mose, $102K over five years is only $20K/yr, how do you live on that? I got more than that just from this extra dividend alone. Also, for edification, you quite often beat your chest about where Paccar was 5 years ago when PBN was still alive...I don't know if anyone told you, also 5 years ago we went into the "Great Recession" along with the industry and all sectors of the economy. Most are now just getting back to par. Yes, PBN was kicked to the curb at the high, but that is all ancient history now, follow your idol Obama and "Move Forward" is too short! Take care.

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      • mrmosebt1 Dec 5, 2012 9:55 AM Flag

        rick, i didn't say 102 over 5 years was all i drew. i said i have drawn that much pension pay. i doubt your stock has rewarded you 102k in 5 years. rick, if you wanna talk politics remember this: the last 2 elections the dumbo party has sent sarah palin and eddie munster as candidates for america to be the most powerful and intelligent human on earth. america did choose. each election by record setting margins. it was 1988 the last time a repug was "elected". your group is comprised of angry old white guys and ya'll are doing what angry old white guys do. YOU'RE DYING OUT with no replacements behind you. the young folks aren't falling for the same #$%$. this generation has put to the u.s. nobody but republicans would elect a guy with alzheimers to lead the free world. that says loads about republicans. or you run an idiot like bush 2 who fathered the 5 year great recession you wrote about without EVER being elected. check that stuff out rick. you'll find "it's a fact". you guys don't do well with truth and facts. hahahaha. if i'm still alive i am interested to see who ya'll run next if you still exist! meanwhile do better than a rooftop dog hauler and a guy who owns a dancing horse. america doesn't want a nerd who"doesn't know what he said last but he stands by it". better yet rick perry will likely still be here trying to remember the 3rd thing he can't remember. maybe 9-9-9 will be your savior. the party is a joke. my medicare is safe, my s.s. is safe, uncle mark is gonna pay his share and the rest of the 2%er's are too. as stated, it's good to be out of the pigott penitentary. a little cool snap here in the guitar town will send me to the keys or mexico. too bad you gotta work. there is no retirement set up for ratshop employees. like hilander said, pcar pays my retirement. texans don't get any. their time on the job was/is worthless. they blew it. take a shot thru mississippi. you may have more texas intellectuals there. building non union junk that america is rejecting. you best pay attn. to the fonz. he has his finger on the pulse everyday. have a great day rick:). your marketshare is drowning in red ink. better you than me!

    • mrmosebt1 Dec 5, 2012 1:17 AM Flag

      it looks like somebody thinks the ugly cat truck may be a threat to ya'll,s marketshare! that thumb down surprised me. even the ratshop trucks looked better than that cat. it looked like an off road truck runnin on the hwy! who knows, the red thumb'er may be right.

    • If you worked at Madison, you were making $100K /year in salary and BENEFITS. In 5 years, I calculate you lost $400k, but maybe that is just my math. Maybe the UAW math is working for you, but to all his own. Congrats on your retirement. The UAW didn't fund your retirement, PACCAR did (with profits from your work). PACCAR gave control to the UAW during one of the last contracts. Heard the UAW is hurting with membership and is basically now a pyramid scheme. Guess where the money is going to come from to fund that big retreat in Michigan???

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      • mrmosebt1 Dec 5, 2012 1:09 AM Flag

        if you know as much as you claim to know you know we made 26 an hour 5 yrs ago plus benefits. my remarks are relative to my drawings SINCE RETIREMENT. slo-mind. i don't need you to tell me how my checks were and are. i figured it out over the last 38 plus 5. the accurate part of your remark is it is PAID BY THE COMPANY just as it IS NOT PAID BY THE COMPANY to the texas ratshop employees. DID YOU HAVE A POINT IN HERE SOMEWHERE? the way i wrote this it was to rick. i wouldn't be surprised if you're not one of those guys who has lost some money since the golden goose was killed off by uncle mark. here's hoping you have a job if you need one. i retired on 6/20/08 at midnite. totally. it is great to be out of the pigott penitentiary. note i have chosen to NOT share my disability income simply because it's none of your buisness. just as your input was none of your buisness. we both know YOU didn't get a pension. hahahahaha viva u.a.w. live better, work safer, with dignity in a u.a.w. shop. hoss, if you want to explain something, explain the layoff and recall process to the ratshop workers. they're on eggshells. take 30 seconds and tell them all you know.

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