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  • fonzotrucks fonzotrucks Jan 3, 2013 8:41 PM Flag

    added to short

    4th quarter earnings miss will be worst miss in long time. Doubled down on short position today filled at 46.75... Who wants to guess at earnings? .5?? fifty - what? cents... Oh,by the way - 1st quarter not looking to good. Please don't take this personally like I'm attacking you. I'm just sharing what I know and what I predict. Sales in toilet, discounting continues, shutdowns continue, dealer inventories are large, on and on.....

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • Absolutely not, they will have no problem hitting their earnings. The company held onto 25% of the employee Christmas bonus, gee, that had to go somewhere, didn't it? Then they confiscated 40% of the company SIP contributions to employee SIP accounts, vanished, poof. Lay offs in October followed by overtime without pay by those left behind - voluntary, of course. Not happy, go someplace else. Forced two week furlough w/vacation pay from a different account for all employees - that pushes a little revenue into fourth quarter, and expenses elsewhere. Need I go on, we will show a very good fourth quarter? You are foolish to go short.

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      • mrmosebt1 Jan 25, 2013 7:29 PM Flag

        this post is exactly the reason this company will be known as working people for nothing a.k.a. STEALING. this practice can not and will not happen with a signed labor agreement. i would rather see a cut throat bunch of thieves pack up and leave town than to work for thieves in a scab environment. there is a word this company was told by the u.a.w. the word was NO. after telling the word the thieves left tennessee and tried to steal the pensions from the u.a.w. employees the way they did the non union people. NO, there's that word again. now the thieves are gone and the pension money flows like water. viva u.a.w. after losing to the u.a.w. the pension money flows like water to the unionized team. and not a single gripe from people RECEIVING money via pension that i have heard of since the thieves left town.

      • You can continue to cut costs, but you need to build trucks also. My argument is that the cost cuts equal at best the discounting on the product sold. I don't think they will hit .69 and 1st quarter is not starting off well. This is a perfect time to short looking at stock price and earnings not to mention all the economic uncertanty.

    • Added short? Then you are guessing and guessers in the end will loose it all. A bit early for you still we think.

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