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  • whbdp50 whbdp50 Jan 8, 2013 3:10 PM Flag

    Ole Rickester

    Hey Rickester stop trying to match wits wth Mose, you will lose every time, Just like old Zamb you can not beat them ole boys !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL , Hey will be on the jet skis at lake tahoe tomorrow come on out and i will give you a RIDE !!!!! If you think you can hang with the big dogs......

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    • Rick, very good explaining stock splits to Mose, but it did not sink in. Now explain the following:
      Mose worked for a UAW plant for 37 years but because of strikes and lockouts only got paid for 35 years 2.5 months. Plus having to pay all those untion dues. Mose gets $2,000 in retirement and
      $ 2,000 a month for SS Disability totaling $4,000 a month.
      Mose’s twin brother Elk worked for 37 years at a Kenworth Chillicothe and got paid for 37 years. Elk gets PACCAR retirement at $2,000 a month, plus gets $6,000 a month from his 401K plan that the company contributed 5% a year and Elk was able to contribute the max, plus the catch up plan at age 50 until 62 when he retired getting $8,000 a month, because he does not need SS at 62 he waited until 66, which is $2.300 a month totaling $10,300.00 month. Note: Elk’s 401K totaled $3.3M at 62 at 66 now has $3.63M. Elk is now in stocks, bonds and metals, still keeping 4% in PCAR. Elk is a real example – only name changed.
      If Mose put $1k (2009) in PCAR stock when he retired - he would now have $1,755.80 in PCAR stock.
      Rick you mission is to explain to Mose , “ why his UAW retirement is at risk with UAW membership going from the high of +3,300,000 members to about 250,000 members and UAW states going to Right To Work”.
      Note: You may look at United and others who lost 50% and some 75% in union retirement income.

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      • mrmosebt1 Jan 9, 2013 4:55 PM Flag

        elk, to go to all the trouble to invent a new s/n to hide behind shows your afraid, you're really, really stupid about my pension being in trouble(if i get no pension pcar is done stupid. that ain't happnin,) and as another member of rickey rats alter ego you have proven to be as loathsome as he. the word on the street is if the white pig eats chicken and dumplins, you and rickey come from under the table with feathers and gravy on your nose, face and shirt. of course it may be a lie. you two may not wear a shirt when you're together. word on the street is you're both cut from the same cloth, whatever that means. hahahahahahaha wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • Danger, danger, Local 1832’s Dumb (Mose) and Dumber (Zamb a.k.a. whbdp50) are now tag-teaming on this message board!!! We’re hitting a new intellectual low…

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