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  • mrmosebt1 Feb 1, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    freightliner preparing for 1300 man layoff not good for pcar

    with pigcar losing marketshare like indians losing ground to the white man and the LEADING marketshare (freightliner) losing sales to the tune of preparing for 1300 man said layoff, it's hard to see anything good for the class 8 industry. the trend is d-o-w-n. that's why they have layoffs. that piece of info is for all you stock wizards who like to predict the future, turn flips like cheetah the monkey on tarzan, and squall like a hog that has been hit in the head with a sledge hammer. shake your pom-poms and turn your flips. b.t.w. my pension check went in the bank today. not shorted 1 penny because trucks ain't sellin. good ole u.a.w. has my back. the pig has his knife in the non unions back. better them than me.

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    • Yes, the wars are what they are--or were. We have been out of Iraq for a year and Obama says we will be out of Afganistan this year. You, Nancy, Harry and Barack keep using the wars as an excuse to ignore the real problem which is Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. These welfare programs will bankrupt our country quicker than the wars ever could have. Yes, I did say welfare programs. Over the years Social Security has been changed from a retirement system into just another welfare program for old people.

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      • mrmosebt1 Feb 2, 2013 11:29 PM Flag

        we occupy iraq. period. and will for years. not at war does not mean gone. you know absolutely nothing about s.s. medicare and medicade if you call them welfare. MINE is prepaid. YOURS is not. because you ain't earned it yet. i have. as well as my s.s. and medicare. that's right hoss. "earned it". those are words that non workers don't know how to define. f.y.i. i paid into these "social programs" for over 40 yrs. what part of EARN do you not understand? what part of occupying iraq don't you get? and yes afghanistan is a necessary war because people like you put these idiots in charge without a brain and no plan to get out of the war because there was no reason to go to start with. you are also the same folks who voted for sarah palin and eddie munster . nuff said. i pay my way bud. get off your butt and earn yours. walk the walk. at this time you have not earned the right to talk the talk. get movin. me and the rest of us retirees who have worked and paid into the system are damned tired of carrying people like you who blow the money and then raise hell cause it gone. your party is dying. thank goodness. if you really want to help the s.s., medicare problem jump in front of a train and the benefits won't be needed for you. be patriotic. i'm bettin you're another bush, cheney, frist, mitchell, eddie munster, and palin. can you see russia from your house? can you see the moon? does that make you an astronaut? you fox loons are a step ahead of primitive. don't look back. it's gaining on you. now go to work and EARN MONEY.

    • The reason the truck builders are on the ropes is because the US economy is in the crapper. Last quarter, the index of leading economic indicators declined 1/10 of a percent. One more quarter of decline and we will officially be in recession. 17 trillion in Federal spending and 6 trillion in new debt over the last 4 years, and this is what we have to show for it. Obama and the Democrats are doing such a wonderful job of running our country's economy--don't you think? Or, maybe this mess we are in is still Bush's fault.

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      • mrmosebt1 Feb 2, 2013 12:34 PM Flag

        slav, you make an excellent point i.m.h.o. to be certain "bush's wars are still going on". i agree with you it is his fault. to date there has not been 1 dime paid for that idiot's wars against people who did nothing to us. yet today we have a decade of disabled vets, armless, legless, etc. that are young people who will be on the government assistance roll for life. not to mention the decade of free money given to the pigotts, trumps, etc. slav, i think i may have spoken harshly to you in a recent post. i wish to apologize for that. it ain't your fault things are like they are. and it ain't mine or the union's. lucky me still gets a pension. i earned it 1 day at a time just like my salary. i have seen these dips since the raygun days. with 3 repubs in office in a row before bubba saved us the first time and bush stole the election in y2k that was the worst decade i've seen in my lifetime. and that fool STILL doesn't have a clue. if you're lucky you'll never see another bush in d.c. in your life. obama is doing all he can with a combative congress and the mitchell senate. i think you will see some executive orders to circumvent congress. things are better than they were when stoopid left to go back to texas.but as for trucking, believe this. it took pete 38 yrs to gather their market share. when i hired on 12 a day was max to build. WE had 3 plant expansions to accomodate our demand. then comes s... for brains, closes the golden goose and now folks like you will have to carry that burden. texas folks are being abused according to my sources and being told if they don't like it go somewhere else. that is the pigott/pcar way. all other producers have recovered their market share tennessee took from them and pcar will NEVER recover that market share. people don't want their product. you see show trucks, they're generally 90 models from tennessee. "fact" you and i can write all we want. but trust me, the weigh scales guys don;t care if the drivers are union or not. that suggestion sounded like a bean counter talking trucking. i don't know what else pcar expected after killing off tn. 13 trucks a day was a break even point there at the time and that fool shut her down. now, 2-3wars and ten years later, here we/ya'll are. slav, you don't fire the team. you fire the head coach. get it? good luck.

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