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  • Hey Mose do you think the UAW has a shot at organizing VW down your way ? Was really interested in your post regarding Columbus Miss. getting a gut full .

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    • mrmosebt1 Sep 12, 2013 2:21 PM Flag

      gary casteel, u.a.w. region 8 guy, reports "majority" of v.w. workers have signed legal and binding cards. if i remember right, the n.l.r.b. will be petioned for an election and will go from that point. gary "knows" pcar. he is the u.a.w. rep that pigott ran away from in tennessee. gary's authority covers columbus ms. "those talks" (pcar and u.a.w.) in columbus have a combustible potential i.m.h.o. thanks to mark pigott. proving once again, you can run but you can't hide. if the columbus thing takes off, i may visit the region 8 office and see some old friends. maybe WE can gather at the NEGOTIATING TABLE in columbus. or maybe sh8t for brains will want to close down the ms. plant too. :) let's watch and see what happens.

    • mrmosebt1 Sep 9, 2013 6:37 PM Flag

      dawg, in a word, yes. v.w. is NOT anti union. they see and understand the benefits of having painter's painting, etc. they also see the benefit of a layoff and recall procedure that keeps h.r. out of a sh8t storm when down times occur in the cycle. v.w. is also being pressured by their "entire" labor force in europe because the u.s.a. is a non union plant. it is easier to join than fight. embracing a good idea is something pigott never understood. you have to make "him" think "he" had the idea. that's tuff when the person is stupid enuff to kill off the top earner in history. the u.a.w. won't have a vote there unless they get over 50-55 % cards signed i.m.h.o. the current pay is 14-17 per hr. that is heresay. not fact. if v.w. goes u.a.w. it will pour gas on all the import plants in the south. the g.m. location in spring hill tn. is hiring 1200 more good paying, SAFE jobs soon. when the folks in columbus get a sniff of higher wages, better work conditions, equal o.t., and weekends off, do you think they may be interested in columbus? if i were there i would be interested. and let us NOT forget pensions for retiree's. i have already drawn 100k give or take a little and will forever. i think anybody in their right mind will sign up, join, and upgrade their standard of living. all i.m.h.o.

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      • mrmosebt1 Oct 11, 2013 12:40 AM Flag

        a poll shows 70% of the 1576 want the u.a.w. in. the election seems to be coming soon at VW. there is a disturbance in canton ms. at the nissan plant because the folks want the u.a.w. in. tupelo has a toyota truck plant interested. AND THERE IS A ROGUE TRUCK BUILDER IN COLUMBUS MS WHO HAS UNION INTERESTS. check stubs, contracts from the tennessee plant, and "company policy" will be compared and publicly shown in columbus. "book that". knowledge sets people free. even people in the 50th rated salary payment state in america. A CHANGE IS GONNA COME.

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