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  • rckrymnd rckrymnd Feb 14, 2014 2:58 PM Flag

    Mose, update: PCAR at a new all-time high today!

    And this doesn't even include compounded dividend growth. And, don't play naive about "split adjusted" pricing. Your buddy Mark continues to lead long investors to critical mass! You might also thank him for funding whatever the union tosses you...

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    • Mose, so far 2014 has not been kind to you. First you pick Manning to win the Super Bowl then you stated that VW would go UAW union route.
      Let’s look at UAW leadership where membership keeps falling and falling, current membership is 382,513 less than half are in the auto industry. The majority are in gaming, healthcare, local government and higher education. UAW is in big financial trouble with over 600,000 retirees and political cost; UAW's total assets fell for the sixth straight year in 2012 while spending on political activities and lobbying nearly quadrupled to over $18,600,000.00, as stated in the union's annual financial filing with the U.S. Labor Department shows.
      In 2012, the union reported assets of just over $1 billion, down 4 percent from the previous year, according to the filing dated March 29. Liabilities were roughly $7.7 million. UAW was forced to liquidate much of its’ stock holding during a down market. Buying high selling low not good for UAW or anyone else. CAW had to merge with other Canadian unions to survive and UAW will have to do the same in years to come.
      When UAW was going after KW Chillicothe, the workers were making more than 17% in salary and benefits over PB Nashville - now why would they vote to make less?

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      • mrmosebt1 Feb 16, 2014 3:53 PM Flag

        the football game is just that dummy. what ges on industrially is moot to me. 2014 is fine with me. if it;s bad for you, step in front of a train. for me, it is very, very good. all i want out of it is to live thru it.all that gibberisg you typed is just that. till you get a spine we have nothing to discuss. i am retired. you be at work mon am.

    • mrmosebt1 Feb 14, 2014 11:51 PM Flag

      rick, whenever double digit per share is bigger than triple digit per share, the record will be eclipsed. i deal in reality. right now i am in shock that v.w. didn't go union. i would have lost every penny i would have bet on that. i'm not sure what mesmerized is but i think i may be. with the vote going as close as it did the future will be stormy there. i'm in a "wow" mode. whatyou guys do is moot to me. my money is there till i die. thats all i wanted was financial freedom forever. i have acquired that. if everybody is as pleased as me everybody is happy. come monday morning, i still won't go to work anymore. but right now i am s-t-u-n-n-e-d. there will be a lotta glazed over looks comne monday and for a long time in chattanooga.

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      • From the various TV interviews of VW workers I saw, most said they lived in the UAW world before coming to VW and had no interest to return...that they preferred the "Union-free" worklife...

      • Mose, the workers at the Chattanooga plant have spoken,and they said: "We don't need no stinking union". I don't know why you would be stunned...American workers have been showing the UAW the door for years. Since 1979 UAW membership is down 75%--not exactly a ringing endorsement for the union. Then again, the poor dumb dinosaurs never saw it comming either. Also the vote was not that close, 712 to 626, or 53% against to 47% for (remember Obama won with only 51%). This is really significant when you consider management was neutral, and did nothing to try to keep the UAW out of their plant. American workers are a lot smarter today, and they see there is no point in paying a union for something they can they can get on their own.

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