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  • mrmosebt1 Feb 26, 2014 4:43 PM Flag


    well lets see, sat will be "another" DEPOSIT for the u.a.w. members from tennessee. that is a DEFINITE. there will be no loss, deduction, etc. like pcar stock options. frankly the stock isn't worth looking at till it is triple digits AGAIN like in the union days. a good decision was made to cut pigott's head off from the c.e.o. position. my prognostication is NONE OF YOU will LIVE to see the stock at what it was in the u.a.w. days. because there isn't a journeyman in the house for pb and only a few for kw. who wants scab junk when union craftsmanship is available? from the lack of new pcar products on the hwy the market share WE (uaw) built up is g-o-n-e. what did u expect? well, u c what u got instead. a $48 a share whippin and some fool squallin abojut how GOOD it is. that/those fools didn't know GOOD when they saw it. you will all be dead when it hits 112 a share again. bank that.

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    • Hey Mose, tell me again when that measly, little ole check of your's comes? I keep forgeting. Oh, by the way, Paccar is up 2.35% today.

      Sentiment: Hold

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      • mrmosebt1 Mar 31, 2014 4:31 PM Flag

        danette, are you a liar or stupid or both? @ 4 p.m. e.d.t. pcar is up 1.32%. .............................except your "magic number" hahahahahaha. boy u r dumb as a rock. a black belt liar, and u haven't even scratched the meter of measuring mathematical ignorance. u have just exactly what u deserve. so do I. eagle flies at midnite tonite. hahahahahahaha jealousy is an ugly thing but it looks good on u danette.

      • mrmosebt1 Mar 31, 2014 2:49 PM Flag

        when my check is up 2% and I "brag about it" I will know my time invested was in vain. when your stock hits triple digits notify me. at that point it will be down only 12 bucks a share from the big money days. I think my s.s. check raise was bigger than your stock. hahahahahahahaha you poor guy. and for this you get excited? u r a joke. my 48k makes it every year. except when the u.s.a. gives bigger c.o.l.a. raises than you get for stock increases. will you do cartwheels, squeals, slither on the ground, and make primitive sounds over 2.35&???? what a bunch of losers. call back when your stock drops 2.35%. that will be soon. you act like you never saw chicken feed before. that's what u have. I assure you I made more money today than u did loon.:) and likely spent more too, hahahahaha.

    • centraltire Mar 15, 2014 9:10 AM Flag

      dont forget to tell all the good people that your union shop is long gone while the company continues to do well

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      • mrmosebt1 Mar 15, 2014 12:39 PM Flag

        i see no proof the company is "doing well". they cut off the c.e.o.'s head that closed the money maker, stock is down from 112 a share, and they dumped all the non union folks and "scabs like you" on the roadside which is where you , the c.e.o. and the rest of the freeloaders belong. what i will tell the good people is they tried to slink out of town w/o payin thier rightful share to the workers pension but their feet was held to the fire by the n.l.r.b. and folks like me have now gotten around 110-120 k from our pension and will for life. a slimeball like you got nothing. .except your throat cut. jodie arias couldn't have done a better job on you. and you deserve it. meanwhile i have my pension, healthcare for life, etc. ........because i EARNED it and deserve it. YOU GOT WHAT YOU EARNED. hahahahahahahaha.........can you craWL thru salt w/o melting? i know you wanna kiss anythings ase that wears a neck tie.

    • Mose, last time I saw you you were asleep on your forklift, you old union hustler!

    • mrmosebt1 Feb 27, 2014 9:48 AM Flag

      oh no! 2 thumbs down? just cause i GOT MY MONEY and you LOST YOURS? well, did you have a contract? was there an earned obligation to your lazy ase? get up, knock the crust off your nose and W-O-R-K. what a pile of lazy so and so's this board is full of. the "gimme guys". gimme, money, gimme money! wanna work? ya may as well hold a mirror up to dracula. ya'll are jealous, lazy, and downright fools to believe anything this bunch tells you. therefore, "you deserve what you get or don't get. so reel in disgust." pocket change pcar" should be the name of this loser board. look, look, you just made 2 cents "maybe". congrats. me, i'll take the 4k. thanks u.a.w. i could "double down" and lose every dime but ..............nah. i'll take the infusion of c-a-s-h. not some worthless stock option. i invest in ME.

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