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  • cdjerk1 cdjerk1 Oct 25, 2009 8:46 PM Flag

    keeperoftheflame a paid boiler room manipulator....

    Take a look at the post history. Never a constructive commentary about anyone or anything. Never a single piece of information that applies to the individual company being bashed, just endless, outdated, insignificant general fluff designed to create a negative atmosphere. When his own posts are proven to be 100% abject LIES as I have done with each and every post, he starts in with the personal attacks. When the personal attacks don't work (I have a tendency to ignore the morally challenged and functionally illiterate after a bit) he moves to pyschobabble and semantic engineering. Now, just for all those who may have been following the conversation...well my conversation, his psychotic general ramblings, here is an update from the flamester's posts:

    1) The auto industry is now located on the "WEST" side of Michigan. The WEST know, where "Detroit is"???? (Michigan residents owning waterfront property on Lake Huron, Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie will now be happy to know they can watch the sun setting on Lake Michigan as opposed to watching it rise over the aforementioned bodies of water as a result of the flamester's predictions of IBCP going "bankrupt", LMAO.)

    2) The main auto industry is not in or about Detroit (now in western Michigan due to some nifty planetary celestial mechanics by the flamester), but in Lansing which is also "located on the western border of Michigan". (All Lansing residents used to owning land in eastern central Michigan will now be happy to find their former land locked properties have suddenly become Lake Michigan waterfront thanks to the "keeper's" new geographical prowess at corporate banking finance.)

    3) The fact that a Michigan bank has survived since 1864 through three major US wars, 11 recessions, the latest Great Recession and one Great Depression is meaningless. ALL small banks in Michigan are headed for exceptions. Why? Well....ahh, because. (At least the ones his zookeepers have taken short positions in that haven't been covered yet.)

    4) And some flamester predictions!

    a) All banks in America will be in receivership within days. Why? Because IBCP is going bankrupt due to short positions held by the flamester's hedge fund keepers and we need massive FEAR in the markets!

    b) Like Detroit, the cities of Flint, Ann Arbor and Port Huron are no longer in southeastern Michigan, but in northwestern Michigan. Why? Because the flamester said so and IBCP is going bankrupt. (Bonus! Cheboygan, Sault Ste Marie and Traverse City commercial property owners will FINALLY be able to raise rents as they are now occupying space/time in southeastern Michigan where Detroit used to be! Thanks, flamester!)

    c) Most homes in the United States will soon be repossessed. 98% of these will be located in north western Michigan, but put on I-beams and relocated to southeastern MIchigan to be in closer proximity to the vast majority of IBCP branches (unless the flamester's celestial wizardry has somehow moved them to northwestern Michigan as well). Regardless of the "influx" of dangerously over financed homes brought in to generally cripple the Michigan financial system, many of these soon to be repossessed homes will FIRST need to actually be built in southern and eastern Michigan, financed by IBCP and THEN repossessed so that the flamster's quotas can be met. Why? Because IBCP must go bankrupt and there aren't enough toxic loans from mortgages on their books now to make that even remotely possible. Upside: With Detroit and Lansing now moved to the western side of the state and the auto industry recovering there, real estate values may recover....unless the earth's surface returns to it's original configuration and things shift back to where they were before the flamester declared that IBCP must go bankrupt.

    Hope that clears things up for you flamester fans! GLTY.

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