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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Nov 30, 2009 5:27 PM Flag

    Low Price/Sales: & Price/Book is good


    realmoney7 (SHORTY) thought he was posting something bad here.

    The average investor would have read such low nimbers as being bad just like SHORTY DID but someone who knows better AND DID SOME REAL RESEARCH CAN SEE A LOW PRICE SALES & PRICE BOOK SAYS A COMPANY IS UNDERVALUED AND AN ATTRACTIVE INVESTMENT.


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    • It's just my opinion, but I think the play is to see if these guys can convert their preferred to common, if indeed, that's their intention. I'm a heavy buyer if that happens and not a second before. Once the company announced that they wanted to raise cash, market mechanics and realities kicked in, which is why the preferreds have gone up and the commons have traded lower. For me, this seems like too much of a guess to be long or short at the moment. The funny thing about this situation is that the longs and shorts will probably both win if they're timely. Good luck to everyone on their trades.

    • What kind of azzhole are you? One day you're in here saying the State of Michigan will never recover and will declare bankruptcy taking all it's financial institutions and probably the rest of the US with it and the next you're telling people what a rock solid investment IBCP is?

      You sincerely need to have your worthless, pathetic, lying dumb azz kicked and I am JUST the guy to do it sport.

    • What did you expect from the shorts?

      You asked a few weeks ago if I thought IBCP was over sold. Yes.

      For those of you who do not recall, I sold at the high this summer and was slammed because I stated that IBCP was over bought.

      I hit the nail on the head again.

      I will now go on the record to say IBCP is now over sold.

      I am proud to say I have been buying at these low levels.

      The shorts have done a good job driving the share price down.

      Over 2 million shares are short as of a couple of weeks ago.

      When this happens, the share price tends to climb as the shorts realize the share price has bottomed out and it is too risky for anyone to add to their short position.

      What happens when the short realize the share price is to low?

      The shorts start to cover and take their profits.

      The shorts that are the first to cover will make good money.

      Right now is the perfect time to be buying shares and for the shorts to start covering.

      What happens when you have 2+ million shares short and shorts rush to cover?

      The share price climbs fast.

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