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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Dec 5, 2009 11:01 AM Flag

    Low Price/Sales: & Price/Book is good


    When was it said that michigan would never recover and will declare bankruptcy taking all it's financial institutions and probably the rest of the US with it.

    You were told that IBCP was over valued in the mid $1.50 range.

    You were told that IBCP was over bought at the $2.14 range.

    That right on target.

    You wre told when housing numbers sucked.

    You were told when housing was improving.

    You are now being told that IBCP is over sold.

    All you have been seeing is honest posts. No pumping and no fear.


    I find it funny that the long got mad when it was pointed out how bad the housing market was.

    Then the short got mad when it was reported the housing market is turning the corner.

    All that is being reported is useful information you can use to decide weather to go short long, hold, buy or sell.

    If you do not like what is posted, be specific and tell me exactlt where we are wrong.

    Don't blow it all out of proportion just because it does not fit you agenda.

    Good luck and hapy investment. It is you money and you and either use or ignore or chalange any post here.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • keeper, the shorts are getting desperate.

      With over 2 million shares short, I can only wonder if that will spark a quick run up as the shorts cover and lock in a profit.

      The volume is thin, so it will not take much to start the run up.

      The short will try anything to get anyone to sell.

      Fear is their game with nothing to support the fear they are posting.

      Some of the longs do the same thing with hype.

      I look for those who keep and honest and post information that is real and will help anyone makes investment decisions.

      Thanks for your contribution to this board.

      It is refreshing to have reasonable posts to read.

      These are geat buying levels.

      When the tide turns, we may not see these lower levels again.

    • You're a psychopathic habitual liar, a sociopath and a chump change pursuing moron. You are badly in need of 55 gallon prune juice enema administered directly through your skull. Quick, before they outlaw cyanide in your state, buy a pound and use your persuasive chat room powers to prove that ingesting it doesn't harm humans at all....

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