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  • keeperoftheq keeperoftheq Dec 15, 2009 8:55 PM Flag

    My FBC Common went from 750 Million to 3 Billion shares.



    Are you shot?

    You are working hard to claim that IBCP has a $400 at risk of going under.

    I have reviewed the 6K for the 3rd quarter and could not find anything under warranty receivables. Can you provide a page number.

    You claim to have listened to the 3rd Q CC. Ater the 6K is the CEO comments from the conference call. It show Mepco is doing quite well.

    If you listened to the CC, you must have missed that some how.

    No I do not work for the bank, but I do have a friend who is in management at the bank. That friend will never provide any insider information, but he will give me information that is available to the public in a SEC report. I do use that knowledge to my advantage. If I feal it is something I want to share, I will post it. That friend was the one who pointed out to me the information about Mepco.

    If you are short, that is ok. I sometime short this stock. Right now is not the time to be short. The time to go short was when IBCP was over $2.

    If you are short, you would be wise to cover.

    You will not want to be caught short when the 4th Q report comes out.

    Do us all a favor, if it is bogus information. don't post it because I will have my friend look into it and point out if you are handing us a bunch of B.S.

    Right now I am pleased with the share price. I will continue to add a lettle at a time as long as the PPS remains this low.

    This topic is deleted.
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