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  • WapitiMe WapitiMe Jul 1, 2008 1:16 PM Flag


    How do all of you longtime shareholders feel about your stock and your bank. I am talking to those that owned the stock at $25 to $30? I have about 3,500 shares and have lost my shirt. Also have CBBO and lost my shirt there too, even a bigger hit there. At what point do some of these banks merge and cut duplication?

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    • You have suffered no loss until you SELL at a loss. Unless there are operating factors not yet revealed to the public, this bank should recover along with many others.

      Look at BAC, WFC and USB. At prices far less than $30, these are investment opportunities as well. Collect your dividends, go fishing and enjoy the summer.

      Good wishes.

    • I have most of my retirement in this stock. I expect this stock to fall alot more, maybe around the $5 per share level. But bank stocks are alot like tennie balls, hit the ground one day and they are up in the air the next. I have a fairly large cash nest egg just waiting to buy up somemore stock when I see it is about to level off. I would not sweat it unless you are a nervous chap.

    • Sorry to hear you have done so poorly. I mentioned several months ago that I could see CACB at $5-$6 dollars by summer
      and you were thinking $18. That said. Hold on for the long term 5+ years and during the next economic ralley you should be fine. You'll only take the haircut right now if you sell.
      Think long term and don't dwell on the day to day. Central Oregon and Bend/Redmond are a winner for long term investment IMHO.


      Disclosure- Sitting on cash and plan to repurchase CACB at $5-$6 P/S or less.


    • Still holding and made the mistake of averaging down too early. Started buying this one at $19 some years ago--before the last split. I think we're in for a long haul, but what would be the point of selling at the bottom. I have a few hundred shares of CBBO and UMPQ in my IRA--so no tax bennies there.

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      • As long as neither are in danger of failure, if I didn't need the money for 4-5 years, I might be tempted to buy more. Disclaimer: I have no CACB or CBBO, but do have a fair amount of UMPQ accumulated over the last 7-8 years. I have no need to sell it for 15 years (I hope!) so am just watching. If either / all were to be acquired, the acquired stock usually trades at a premium. But I personally think few banks would be in a position to make an acquisition. A merger, as you point out, would make more sense, but would also leave a set of execs out in the cold.

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