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  • pdtodd pdtodd Aug 29, 2007 12:43 PM Flag


    SKNN's management may not be the best (delays, lack of info), but this strategy sounds good to me. By giving away the bone it's like getting the whole shoe at a discount or on sale. And how many people would rather buy shoes on sale, many more. Still don't like the delay or the lack of information, but at least it seems like they have a plan. I'm still long.

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    • The plan is great. The execution has been bumpy, but the company can't come out 3 times a month and say "we need another week". Then, no one will believe them. Outside of the bumpy execution, they look solid for a young company. Management with lots of depth, patents, class web-site, great marketing. People will be kicking themselves that they didn't buy this stock in the $2s when it hits the $5s next year. Just wait and see. I've been doing this long enough to know when I have a winner. I've got a big block of dough tied up into this one --- more than I should probably have.

    • I'm pretty sure your going to see some big chunks bought around 1.60.