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  • roaddog71291 roaddog71291 Oct 10, 2007 7:44 PM Flag

    Really Dont Get It?

    why is there such people that cant hold on to this and give it a chance? I realize that most are day traders and bashers ,but why not hold and MAKE it go up?The number of people involved just is not there!!!Maybe 350 investors on a good day.Skins just needs time and I hope all of you saying that the 75 cents is around the corner eat crap and never make any money!!!I know I will get some negative feedback,but LOOK at some of the stupid remarks some of you are posting.As long as people continue to bash with no news you can't expect any stock to do any better than what it is!!Really look outside the box--its just gonna take time which some of you dont have because you are losing your so called play money which allows you to go to the casino or strip club on the weekends!!!Just pull your blow up doll out of the closet and enjoy for a while--bash and blow,some of you are doing very well so you know who you are!!!Longs will be rewarded

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