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  • cigar_surfer cigar_surfer May 14, 2009 10:27 AM Flag

    New website PR

    Now we get a PR about an under-construction website that we already know about.

    Seems suspiciously timed to maintain some volume so they can continue with dilution without driving share price to zero.

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    • I agree with much of this last post. We need meaningful results.

      We also need a fully updated website. We need more advertising.

      We need more accurate product descriptions. It must be made CLEAR when one is buying a skin and bone set or just the skins. If I am paying over $150 for shoes, I think its better to have it say MADE IN BRAZIL than MADE IN CHINA. The product photos of the bone and liner on Footwear Etc need to be more appealing.

    • I don't think looking foolish is the CEO's big concern. I'd imagine raising money and getting the shoes launched is far more important. Especially with something as different as these, any notion that the company won't make it or that the launch will not be successful will keep people from plunking down their $150. I don't think he has the luxury of not sounding upbeat. Doesn't mean that things aren't going well, just that if I were making an investment decision, I'd want hard numbers (ideally, I'd want financial results, but barring that, I'd take some indication of sales pace). Vague generalities don't do it for me.
      As for moving the stock price, I don't see much movement until there's evidence of success (strong sales, repeat buys and good margins) and the capital structure is cleaned up (convertibles eliminated, cash flow positive, fixed price stock or loans). I don't think PRs can do much other than keep people holding and not selling. If I were a shareholder, my main hope would be to see the PPS not fall until there was some meaningful results reported.

    • I think this is one of your strangest posts.

      This is exactly what I am talking about, Tony. You don't post anything in context. You could have said: I think we should hear something about distribution in Australia and New Zealand coming up per this PR a few months back. But, you just randomly placed it like it was today's news. Then you have an even more random link to Skins in the middle of it (not even to the article) and a stranger link still that is fragmented.

      Writing nonsense, but at least writing it decently is one thing, but just posting nonsense is another.

      Tony, you are a good guy--why are you doing this?

    • Skins Partners with WBM for Australian and New Zealand Footwear ...
      NEW YORK - Skins Inc. (SKNN), a developer of revolutionary, patented, two-part interchangeable footwear, today ... Forward -

    • I'd like to see all new skins on Zappos.Skins selling on their website. Then more retailers particularly New York City. Then overseas distribution MBT Press Release Austrailia and New Zealand.
      Then SALE,SALES,SALES........
      Down the road,liscensing of their technology and a kid's line!!!!!

    • All true, yes. But I wouldn't say anything, 2 weeks into delivering the shoes to the retailers, unless there was some truth to the statement. He, MK, risks looking very foolish, if the shoes are not moving well, after he stated it 3x in one week. A question to all: What is the next meaningful news, event, Pr, that will actually move the pps up? Any suggestions??

    • Nala, be careful interpreting "response is very good". In my experience, when sales are truly brisk, or well above what people assume, specific figures are quoted. "Things are looking up", "Everything is going well", "We're exceeding expectations" and similar platitudes can mean many different things to different people.

    • Mk states, again, that the response to the spring line is very good, according to the retailers. That is 3 times in a week. He seems to be letting us know, that they are selling well. It is better than not hearing anything, which we have experienced before. Idea, money, retail product, wholesale, then retail. Going in the right direction.

    • Certainly no regard for those who shamelessly promote stocks to unwary investors. But remember, it's not about me, it's about providing information to readers of the MB who might learn something of value.
      Again, let's keep it to the stock for everyone's benefit.

    • faith, don't waste your breath, it should be obvious by now that kez has no regard for anyone who actually does refute his "facts".

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