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  • tradingexpert4me tradingexpert4me Feb 19, 2013 4:58 PM Flag

    TRADERS look closely at LATE DAY VOLUME. Note the huge block trade for over 500K..........OK now


    make a notation on the timeline involved with taking out the single large block seller. Clearly an illegal trade took place based on the very small float, in order to allow a large SELLER to obtain top dollar for their shares.

    If you had any trouble selling a market order during this period of time, you should contact the SEC. Don't expect those clowns to do anything about it, but you never know.

    With that in mind, traders here MUST be aware of the illegal manipulation of this companies stock going forward. It's absolutely not a good idea to use market orders here, but you should also be aware you should note, don't place limit orders to close to the price you see at time of placement.

    Corruption at it's best.


    This topic is deleted.
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    • Triaxial was offered shares at .03 nrt which equals .75 NVGN per share.. This is a start up company years and years away (in my opinion).. i was waiting for NVGN to settle under a dollar ,if I knew this crazyness was comin I'd have bought at $2 which to me is overpriced.. I may buy MEIP at around $5 now ,cause same crazyness may happen there.. NRT(NVGN) has never made a profit ,only ones who made money were traders and management,Good luck,Strik

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      • Sad to hear you say that strik, we both know Novogen isn't a start up company and we both know that Dr Kelly and Dr Heaton we both involved in the early IP behind what MEIP hold, this CS-6 is an extension of that technology, I am sorry you sold out before this happened, you can make money off what MEIP have, but in the long run Novogen will be the biggest winner, I bought more Novogen a few months back, I am still holding my MEIP as well, it is still good tech, but CS-6 and CS-6XX will be better, along with any other things that may stem from this new super-benzopyrans field.

        Dr Andrew Heaton, Novogen Chief Scientist, said, ” the design and manufacturing
        technology that is the basis of the Novogen technology, in our view heralds a new
        era in drug discovery, and not just in the oncology field.

    • Papers 'link Novogen, tax haven'
      DOCUMENTS allegedly showing the link between Novogen founder Graham Kelly and a mysterious company in a tax haven selling down a parcel of Novogen shares have come to light in a Federal Court case.

      The shares owned by Leominister, which is registered in the British Virgin Islands, were recently frozen by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission because that company would not reveal who the beneficial owners of the shares were.

      The documents, obtained by The Australian, also reveal the millions of dollars that flowed into Australian-based companies associated with Professor Kelly from another offshore company, Pall Mall Finance Company Limited. The money came in as loans, but the Australian Tax Office believes Pall Mall holds funds on trust for Professor Kelly.

      Professor Kelly is being investigated as part of Operation Wickenby, the nation's $300 million tax fraud and money-laundering inquiry....

      Look this up in google!

    • are you on twitter? Id like to follow you. Second what does this mean for tommorrow's price should we be buying now? thx

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