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  • china_man_in_town china_man_in_town Jul 19, 2005 9:34 AM Flag

    $.03/share is whisper number for ACTU

    In 7 days, Rock & Roll again.

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    • yes, Q2 seems to be a good quarter for following reasons

      1- Historically, Q2 revenue is higher than other quarters

      2- Wednesday is the report day. Usually, middle of the week means good report. Friday is the worst day to report.

      3- ACTU is reporting a few days earlier than previous quarters.

      4- ACTU is hiring in different areas which means business and Q2 earnings are good.

      5- ACTU did not warn.

      6- BIRT has been contibuted some to revenue.

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      • I agree and I like the product thats why im still an owner.
        However usually you begin to see a rise on the whisper which hasnt happened. And for some reason management has allowed this stock to languish below its value for so long that the street seems to be vary wary of this stock. If we had had some buybacks or anything to help build some momentum we would have people beginning to jump on the train about now.
        So I want to be positive and excited but this management group has taught me to just wait and see, which is what many of the people on the sidelines seem to be doing and thats killing our momentum and will limit our runup when earnings are announced. I would still hope to see 2.25 at that time. I just wish it could have been more.