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  • kayvon50 kayvon50 Jul 29, 2005 7:25 PM Flag

    This stock is in the gutter

    <<ACTU has just been upgraded to OUTPERFORMer - I am sure analysts would know the difference between up and down, and high risk vs low risk. They see profits and other gains. So, why would anyone listen to a basher?>>

    You are exactly right. Actuate earned $.07 in 2004 and it already has earned $.07 for first 2 quarters of 2005 and i'm sure that it will earn more than $.07 (current estimate for quarters 3 & 4) for next 2 quarters. That is more than 100% increase in income year over year.

    Another fact is that ACTU pps at JULY 30, 2004 was $3.60 but now is only $2.15. So Actuate income has doubled while its PPS almost halved. This situation can not stand for that long and Actuate will get to its true value sooner or later.