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  • cash_is_king_now cash_is_king_now May 25, 2006 2:08 AM Flag

    This amazes me

    ACTU has changed its pattern of releasing news as used to do in the past few months. ACTU was releasing news almost every week until SEC questioned them about some recent 8-ks and 10-k in April 13. ACTU didn�t reveal the SEC letter to its shareholders until a month later in May 15. In the same period, ACTU went without any news with the bad market the share price went down more than 25%. Now that the share price is low, ACTU has started to give away options to its directors at these discounted prices. I may be happy if ACTU goes back to its old pattern, however, I don�t like it when I see ACTU times its stock option award. Some companies like VTSS are in trouble because of the same reason. ACTU is already under SEC watch because of its careless 8-k and 10-k reporting and now its stock options timing may add another questionable action.

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    • Hey dude!

      What's with the misinformation all of a sudden? Did you sell out again! LOL

      Man, these boards are treacherous. I got a body slam for saying I wanted an update on the SEC comment letter. You were all over that.

      Now you're saying the ACTU is under a SEC watch? Goodness gracious Judas!

      Let's at least set the record straight, shall we?

      1. ACTU is responding to a comment letter, not an investigation

      2. VTSS is in trouble because of back dating of stock options, not for issuing options when the stock price is "low". I find it very irreponsible for you to characterize ACTU the same way.

      I've gone back and done a "Yahoo" check on your posts, and you have a history of swinging from a basher to a pumper on ACTU. It's very clear. Though I, for one, would never begrudge someone from trading a stock as opposed to holding it, I do take exception with people who try to spread disinformation to support their "cause".

      Let's face it. What people say here has little to no effect on the PPS. All one does by playing board games is lose face in the future.

      Good luck with your trades.

      Jedi Slow

      • 2 Replies to slownsteadi
      • Slow,

        You are criticizing someone for spreading "disinformation" ? It's "misinformation, by the way.
        Anyway, you sir , are the king of spreading garbage here. Who was it babbling on about how when the stock dropped from $4.75 to $4.50 it was a "great buying opportunity". LOL. It was you and your pumper buddy Gail.
        This sell off in ACTU will hopefully teach you and the other pumpers that a stock which quickly runs from $2 to nearly $5 can easily give those gains back. Your constant pushing of the stock makes you just as guilty of spreading "misinformation" as the guy who points out the risks of the stock.

      • <<What's with the misinformation all of a sudden? Did you sell out again!>>

        What you said is exactly describes yourself. You are the one who sold most of your ACTU shares and then started bashing ACTU based on SEC questioning. You linked insider sale by ACTU corp attorney with SEC letter. The ink on your posts is still wet. I defended ACTU for not wrongdoing but I will not defend it for obvious facts like current stock option at 25% discount. The question is: did ACTU purposely hold its news release to let the share price to go down? We know that it delayed SEC letter release by a month.