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  • nomadinx nomadinx Oct 14, 2006 12:33 AM Flag


    BEST STOCK YOU NEVER HEARD OF: The Race for Content?

    Satellite and cable TV are in a race with the networks to be racier.
    Recently, Direct TV signed a pact with a racier provider that gives
    its 15 million subscribers �round-the-clock access.

    That�s not all. The new video iPods make such content portable.
    Apple also announced it will begin to sell movie downloads for iPods.
    Wireless titillation will grow from just $35 million to $1 BILLION in the
    next 18 � 24 months, according to Yankee Group research. And, once again,
    it�s the content providers that stand to make the lion�s share of the profit.

    Like it or not, this is where the cash in the market is moving now.
    Buy this stock while it's still low and please: don�t chase it.

    This company signed a partnership with a P2P Internet TV portal with
    over 40,000,000 subscribers.

    Expect a Multi-Bagger in this stock � if there�s no pre-emptive
    buyout offer first. ~ PIRATES ~