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  • the_factman the_factman Apr 2, 2008 12:36 PM Flag

    no questions

    Actuate's presentation in Las Vegas offered nothing new from the recent Q4 report and comments.
    However, I did notice a renewed emphasis by Cittadini to clarify that Actuate is dependent upon the financial services sector.
    There were either no questions from those attending the conference. Who knows how many people were in the audience ?
    Or, Actuate set it up so that there were no questions.

    My impression of the call was that it had a somber tone duee to Actuate's dependence on the financial sector. My expectation going forward is that Q1 results will be significantly less than Q1 of a year ago. I also believe there is a good chance Actuate will revise downward their previous 2008 full year guidance of $140 million revenues and .33 cents EPS.

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    • I didn't get that will be warning or lowering guidance. They have already said it will be back loaded and that gives them nine months to make it happen. I think everything is the same.

    • You factman has become factless man.
      If ACTU wants to lower the guidance then why does ACTU repeat the guidance in a CC 2 days after the quarter is ended? If ACTU wants to lower the guidance then time is now, however ACTU repeats the guidance. Please have some common sense. True that you are negative but don't change the facts.

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      • First of all, ACTU never issued any guidance for Q1, so there is nothing to raise or lower regarding Q1.
        My comment is that my expectation is that Q1 revenues and profits will be significantly less than the year ago Q1.
        The only forward guidance which ACTU has offered is for full year 2008, which is $140 million revenues, .33 cents profits, flat with 2007. Backin when Q 4 was announce and this guidance was proffered, I said at that time I believed Cittadini and Gaudreau were just guessing. Today I still believe that to be true because the financial sector is still in turmoil and I presume companies are being careful and reserved with their purchasing budgets.
        You ask why if ACTU was going to lower guidance did they not do it today ? No reason to. Actuate doesn't report Q1 until the end of the month. Each week I expect Actuate is getting more visibility and clarity about their customers purchasing plans , so it's better to wait uand see what is happening with the sale pipeline.
        Meanwhile, I did notice Cittadini today did not emphasize that Actuate products are a "must have mission critical need" for customers, which is how he had characterized Actuate products during 2007.
        These message boards are designed to exchange information , perspectives, and opinions about companies. This is what I am doing. In past years I have been more optimistic about Actuate's business prospects, but with the downturn in the financial sector and Actuate's BIRT apparently not yet originating significant new customers or revenues, I am now cautious and reserved about Actuate's prospects.