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  • richardtherings richardtherings Nov 16, 2008 10:44 AM Flag

    In The Event ACTU, Buys Another Company

    The Dutch Auction , would get all the shares , that sell on the news.....I got the Tender offer stuff , in the mail , for ACTU....Dir's are not tendering shares....

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    • Cash ....You are right on the $5.00 limit, with Nico.......But , one of Dan's was a forced sale...Not the other....maybe Dan , has been getting cute , on trying to robb Paul to pay Peter......don't know...I just have to think , he needed some $$$ , & sold a small position...of his 1.4 million needed $$$
      I did notice those big boy's did increase in Q3....good to see that....thanks Cash....

    • Wchang...Have a safe trip....Come home with some new ideas....

      Did you notice that ACTU said ,

      • We may terminate the Offer, if, among other things, following the date of this Offer to Purchase:

      1 • Another person or entity makes a tender offer for our shares;

      2• Another person or entity, to our knowledge and subject to exceptions, acquires or proposes to acquire more than 5% of our shares;

      Their is more then one way to look at the Tender Offer.....

    • Richard, why do you think management and the board did the action deal?

      My thoughts are they needed to get the price up so that if a hostile offer would come about that the starting point would be a 50%+ premium on $3.40 vs. $2.50. That would make a hostile offer at $5 and above. Also is seems that management would be raising their ownership percentage. I realize they don't want $5, but sometimes you don't have a choice.

      Why the credit line with Wells Fargo? They must see several companies they want and need cash to do so.

      Any thoughts?

      • 2 Replies to bimmertx
      • I think ACTU is trying to beat anyone else , to getting a large position , to pressure ACTU into selling.....For all we know...the Dutch Auction , may speed up a friendly buyout.....I believe that no one will let this company go cheap...Dirt Cheap to me , is under $10.00.....ORCL or IBM will not let ACTU slip thru their fingers.....ACTU is very important to both.....ACTU knows what is about to happen with BIRT & is getting their ducks or shares in a row.....
        Wells Fargo , likes what they see.....& buying shares will give ACTU the control they need ....
        ACTU landing these tec consulting firms, is the writting on the wall, & CSCO say's , it will keep them ahead of the curve....I like what is going on.....I learn so much from ACTU.....They have my support....