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  • the_factman the_factman Mar 18, 2009 10:55 PM Flag


    Sun Microsystems is a major $13 billion annual revenues company..
    Actuate is a tiny $125 million revenues small niche sopftware vendor.
    I've asked you about a dozen times to stop thinking of Actuate as some sort of big time player, but you refuse to get the message.
    Big corporations like IBM , Cisco, Oracle think in BIG NUMBERS. Small numbers don't mean anything to them. The big corporations look to acquire other big revenues companies so that an impact is made. Either that or they acquire small company's with significant technology assets.Actuate has neither one of these things going for it.
    I'm not saying Actuate is a bad company. I'm just saying it is a small company which serves a small niche market.

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    • Not only ACTU is a tiny micro cap company with a limited technology, but also it does not offer anything that the big guys don’t have. As a matter of the fact, IBM has Cognos, ORCL has Hyperion and SAP has Business Object. They have something that are stronger, better and richer than what ACTU can offer.
      IBM milked Eclipse enough and it does not want to spend more time and resource anymore. SUN never joined Eclipse and started its own platform. IBM will put more time on SUN platform now. Here read this for proof that.

    • FactMan...yes ACTU is small in numbers, but they own the BIRT suite....& have a technology , that , reaches futher , then , other BI's & PM..with in the enterprize....., & the High End clients....& they , did for CSCO, what others could not do , for CSCO......Plus , IBM Rational, & other great relationships....ACTU would be bought for stratigic purpose....& they are JAVA....Someone could buy them , just so , someone else does not get them....
      .I did truly think ACTU would have been bought by now , & I was wrong....but , ACTU is very well respected , by silicon valley
      FactMan , why do you think ACTU is going up , with the warning on the 10K......maybe the tender is working?? Just a guess....