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  • bimmertx bimmertx Mar 19, 2009 12:01 PM Flag


    Actu is a pimple on an elephant for IBM. Also other companies offer BIRT solutions that aren't public.

    I think Actu is in a world of hurt, was a supporter in 2007 and 2008, but s/w licenses significantly shrinking and poor leadership has changed my tune. What they did last year to shareholders in re-pricing the Aution was near criminal and they got called on it.

    I would say there is a very strong chance of this going into the mid $2's after the Q1 announcement. Mgmt. may want this to pick up more shares and issue more options as this is what they seem to focus on.

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    • maybe bimmetrix is pimple on zapmaster but!!! who da thunk dat???

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      • chasrx,

        You have not gotten the point yet.
        ORCL license revenue was bad, ORCL outlook is not good. CNBC repeated several time if you don't have time to do your own CC. The only thing good about ORCL was new DIV and service revenue that holding it.
        Does above info gives you any clue about ACTU?
        1- ACTU license revenue will get worse
        2- ACTU service revenue will suffer because of competition and consolidation.
        3- Current ACTU financial is much weaker than 2008.
        4- ACTU technical is weak

        ACTU will drop under $3 after disappinting Q1 quarter IMHO.