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  • zapmaster_the_kinq zapmaster_the_kinq Mar 27, 2009 9:41 AM Flag

    Where is the fundemental

    Stocks got ahead of themselves.
    Did all the problems were solved with lip service?
    Did the unenployment drop in past 2 weeks?
    Market went up on government hype and it will come down again.

    ACTU will have a bad quarter. 20% less license revenue. Probably less service revenue after many banks consolidation.

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    • Richard,

      ACTU will take its shareholders or bagholders for a ride.

      Did you see what happened to MSTR today.
      If that happens to ACTU, it probably goes up.

      Things are not good in this sector. Things are so bad that some companies fire the CFO.
      Just my opinion.

    • Come on Zapper....Be fair....ACTU said, As much as 20 %........Last year they said, down 10 % & came in at 7%........the 20% will cover ACTU's ass.......IMHO......& that was written, when their was , more dom & gloom......ACTU will pull thru this, transition.....All tec big boys, are changing the tec game , by expanding into partners space......Tec industry is consolidateing...& some big boys , want to get tighter into their clients enterprize's......& ACTU does that , very well.......
      Same consolidation , happen to the carpert industry.....///
      In 1975 their were 400 carpet mills, in the USA.....Today , 3 major players , control it ............
      Distribution , is tighter, fewer retailers , better , selling price control , & the industry , is loaded with , hold back rebate money, given to the Dealers, to pay for advertizing, samples , etc.....
      Tec industry, will do it their way to consolidate...