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  • robinfamily1818 robinfamily1818 Jan 14, 2012 9:46 AM Flag

    Some notes

    First, PLEASE NO ZOLPIMIST POSTS - at least with some real info. The postings, mostly from nvdl.ob shareholders (I speculate), will not, I repeat will NOT, somehow urge hitk to purchase a superbowl ad or otherwise cause some huge expenditure of advertising funds. I appreciate your desperate circumstances (I have a few failures of my own), but your continual posts do nothing. Information, we would be pleased to see (i.e., actual sales), and an acassional posting would be fine. But not what has been seen (I don't post on nvdl.ob anymore out of respect, please do the same here).

    A frustrating week. Not good news, not on the face of it. Unless the "new" generic doesn't come thru (don't bet on it). It certainly puts the analyst predictions of future earnings more realistic. We will be lucky to break $4 this year, although possible.

    But two interesting points. First, I am surprised that we didn't fall apart more (when I heard from a fried that hitk was down 8+ on Tuesday morning, I thought it would finish down 12 to 30, but it rebounded a little to 35). Yesterday, it jumped about 1.5. Maybe this means the generic competition isn't going to hurt too much (maybe hitk's contracts and contacts will survive - it only has about 15 -30 per cent of the market, when it targets about 50%). Maybe there are really some other real drugs that hitk has about to be approved.

    And I checked with my pharicist - flonase is at $17 - about $1 less than about 6 months ago - I said to him maybe because we are "out of season" - he said this drug is always busy (which is what he always has said to me, but in the middle of January that is nicer to hear). So much for drgstx comments of it falling apart (I am sure he will respond).

    I add this - this stock is about making money. the flonase news is not good, but we can't complain (we have had about 18 months of a limited number of suppliers, enough time to build a clientele). Maybe Apokect (sp?) will fall out of the running of being a supplier. But we must get some more drug approvals for real drugs - apsoc is still 18 months away, and the new analyst's suggestion that it can be moved up seems fanciful (the patent is up when it is up, and the original holder fights to keep it longer).

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    • Another interesting week. I am very surprised that we are doing so well price wise. I almost think we are getting ahead of ourselves. I can't see how we aren't going to experience some fall off on flonase (well, actually, I can - maybe wockhardt is having some problems getting out any flonase).

      There is some "chatter" about lodrane and zolpimist. It seems that lodrane over the counter has been approved although some may require prescriptions for it (if you believe the Elite Pharma posts). Further, zolpimist sales are "doubled" although from "low" numbers (if you believe the nvdl.ob posts). All of these posts are suspect, imho. We will have to wait for earnings announcements from hitk, elite, and nvdl.ob (I don't know if nvdl.ob will get the chance to make such an announcement unfortunately).

      We are going to have a decent quarter when it ends in a few days. There traditional bread and butter cold and flu products are coming thru, and I think the tusselcaps are kicking in (my guess). flonase shouldn't take too much of a hit this quarter. I haven't "analyzed" but there is a chance of + $1.00.

      But the next quarter, the beginning of the real season for flonase, is the question. Unless we get something to increase earnings, we are going to through a 15 - 18 month period of difficulty (until the par partnership kicks in).

      But, again, there is no insider selling. Maybe there is something out there. This company is about products (they get approval for and product). They better start producing.

    • I said please. I did not "censor". There is the first amendment, and it certainly applies to you who want to post something that isn't vile or spam (it could even apply to something vile or spam, but that is something different).

      It's just the same old thing I see, in at least 90 per cent of the post. Do more advertising, do more more marketing, buy a superbowl ad.

      there has been some real info given (if it is true). And I believe zolpimist is a wonderful product. But if you are crying wolf, then I am tired of it, and I suspect others are as well. I said please, and I stopped posting on nvdl.ob when others didn't like my comments. But you certainly can write whatever you want.