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  • robinfamily1818 robinfamily1818 Dec 6, 2012 7:16 AM Flag

    Nice Earnings

    66 cents in profits, and over 57 million in sales. And there might have been a little more if not for Super Storm Sandy. Flonase gross sales were down, although unit sales were up (if demand ever increases, and it is expected to by about 10% a year for a year or two or more, think what might happen if prices ever increase again), but this was expected.

    Maybe we can put some of the bad news behind us.

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    • agree that these were better than the lowered expectation but still down 35% from a year ago. The problem I see is that there is little room for per share expansion at this level. I expect a small bounce but nothing major. The dividend will take the place of insider selling this time as they look to cash in over 3 million. Still a sell IMO.

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      • I know that you have taken a dim perspective on this stock, but can't you give it a break. They beat the analyst's predictions (and mine too). Yes, flonase is down, but units are up, demand continues to increase, and if (a big if) there are no other competitors in the near future, there could be a price rise.

        But more important, flonase is taking a smaller portion of sales, not only because it is selling at a lower price, but because other products are selling more. The company is sitting on many applications for approvals (or maybe the fda is sitting on them). And this year's cold/flu season seems to be more of the norm rather than last year's very mild season. To say there is little room for expansion when other products are selling, there could be a price hike on flonase in the next year (I believe hitk said that), and the fda could issue some approvals, is not being completely objective. I have criticized hitk, you could compliment them.

        And, as to the special dividends, yes, the insiders are getting $3 million, but others are getting over $16 million (and I see that Ellison of Oracle is getting nearly $200 million from his dividends this year, but you aren't criticizing Oracle). And maybe, just maybe, the insiders might buy some stock with their money (although I doubt that).

        These are nice earnings. They showed expansion. The storm hurt them (maybe 1 - 3 million in sales, a cent or more on profits - another reason for short term expansion as they will recapture it in the next quarter). And announced shortages will help next quarter (another short term expansion). Someone said that they were going to drop by as much as 60% - but the market has them up $3 / 10% so far today. HITK's management did what they said that they were going to do, do as well this year as last year, and this was a step in that direction.

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