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  • robinfamily1818 robinfamily1818 Apr 29, 2013 7:21 AM Flag


    It's nice that they are speaking tomorrow at Needham. They won't say much. But maybe we can get an indication on the prices they are getting and the demand for their products.

    One thing I would like to see. We are approaching 2014, and more healthcare coverage. Coverage for those to who generic prices mean something. I wonder if they have any indication on how this may affect them? (i.e., I think that flonase may see an increase in demand by at least 10% - this combines the expanded market of new insureds with the past increases - this may even result in an increase in price).

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    • Us longs need to hold on. I might be wrong. There are certainly a fair share of detractors of hitk. And the recent Needham conf did little, at least in the immediate short run, to create any nice demand.

      But we may be in for a nice run. We have a "mystery" product that should start soon - its not the biggest product in the world, but it can prove that hitk can introduce products.

      We have another fda approval expected by the end of July - they said that in the last earnings cc. Hopefully that won't be delayed.

      They have 17 anda's pending with the fda (including the above). There should be some movement on these soon.

      They have 2014 and its healthcare expansion coming. I sincerely think that this will mean about a 10% increase in sales. For example, Flonase, which has been accepted as a nice inexpensive product that helps many will be available to many more - with its (hopefully) continued 10% increase in product sales, you could see another bump of 10%, which could even lead to some shortages and price increases - a $100 million dollar product could see $120 - 150 mil in sales.

      And ECR is interesting. They have a new president. At the last earnings cc, one of the analysts inquired about him, stated his nice history and the analyst's nice impression of him, and said that this new head was not interested in being the head of a company with only $15 million in sales. Not to lead our nvdl friends/adversaries on, but I do think he will get sales of zolpimist up - I think you will see this division doing $50 within a couple of years, and possible much more.

      I could see them having sales of $500 million by the end of 2015.

      But they have problems. They need to get the PAR partnership product running (it targets a $500 million product, and could add $50 million in sales in the first year, in my opinion).

      They need to get the lodraine product running again.

      And they need to get sinaise back up, they put some advertising $ into it, and can't waste it.

    • will give you a quick report. Nothing much. I did find it interesting that both David and Bill attended, but not really much to read between the lines on that - maybe they felt they both needed to attend to drum up some investor support.

      The "mystery" product is "still" on target for the first two weeks of May - so we should get another press release on that soon. At least it isn't going to be delayed again (we hope). It's not the biggest product in the world, just the delays in the past seem to be frustrating.

      They seem to have more products under anda's, and maybe in development, but I should compare it to past reports to be sure.

      They continued to be optimistic on the unidose - high margins suggested.

      There was some news on "nasiline" - they seemed to have pulled it - they are trying to get additional fda approval for some features or additives (??) - they are hoping for sometime this summer. This is a little frustrating.

      They are relaunching zolpimist with a different price structure - maybe this will help.

      And they had a couple of questions at the end - they usually don't get questions at this type of conference. Maybe that shows some more interest in hitk - their daily volume doesn't show it.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • I will say this - we have had no volume today or in the past week. If there was a reason to buy or sell the movements might be exaggerated.

      Sometimes these meetings create some demand in the days after - let's hope that is the case for us longs.