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  • dyenoham dyenoham Nov 9, 2012 3:18 AM Flag

    Is this a scam or a money maker ?

    Yes, probably a scam, but less than 3 months ago I took a small position in TNIB when I first "heard" about it....

    Got in TNIB at 1.23 and out at 1.54 for a small 25% profit...was worried at first when it dropped
    back to 1.10 but held on...and then exited with a profit.

    Now TNIB is at 7.10 DAMN ??? I watched it climb and couldn't believe it. No really great volume any day, not even today, but it was up 1.60 today alone....

    ....someone explain this crap to me ! ! ! !

    Is this one a possible climber ? ? ?